Sets revisited

Tucker Blue

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More of a brainfart than an idea but it sure would be nice to have another crack at the American Set. Hell, i'd even drop as much as 4500 nuggets for a full set, 2500 for just the weapons, or 2000 just for the animal set. Can't you just make up an event to have an anniversary for? ;)


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Every year, there's usually 2-3 new work sets. This year they had the chefs and soccer fan's. All of them had product drop rate. I'm pretty sure 2019 will bring even better work sets to overtake these - also, some sort of weapon set that gives product drop could be coming in a future tombola.

It's not a matter of if, but when

P.S. Why would you spend nuggets on getting the American animal set, when the hancock animal set is so much better in terms of skills?