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Add any topic information in the battle screen instead of the battle chat.

Current Workaround
Atm topics are set in battle chats, or forums.

WHen you log in the battle, you much find the battle chat, open it, read the topic if any and go back to battle chat to make any adjustments to your position or target. Alternatively the topic might also contain an image URL which you must copy, paste in a new browser tab and load the image.

I am proposing that we should be able to see all battle related information in the actual battle screen and set our targets and positions without leaving the screen.

When you join a battle, the battle screen loads. At this moment the general can click on the "Set Topic" link and an input message dialog will pop up. The general then only needs to type in the topic and click "ok". Another message pops up in case the general wants to add a tactical image with position and targeting. This dialogue box only takes url of already hosted images and will resize the image to fit the battle screen.
Only generals or captain can set or modify Topic information.
The battle screen will display the topic text ONLY, but the user can expand the battle screen to show any attached image to the topic. The reason why it is not displayed expanded is because some users might have low resolution on their monitors and the battle screen will be in this case too big. To delete topic or image, click "ok" without typing anything in the input box.

There is never sufficient protection against traitors, never was, never will be, but it would be a bit comforting if traitors could not see the topic at all. Topics might change after traitors are branded, they should not be able to see the changes.

Abuse Prevention
None. Topic will take a max number of characters, the image will be resized.

Visual Aids
Contracted topic:

Expanded topic:

Set topic:


With this implementation, forters will have all the necessary information on the same screen, the battle window. No need to check chats for topics, no need for lengthy explanation, just post an image that players can check with no hustle by expanding the topic.

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