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I am proposing a separate dueling world which will be for dueling. It will involve quests / jobs / crafting and duel battles.

Current Workaround
At the moment we have :
1. World is more fort battle oriented than dueling.
2. We have high %age of luck factor in dueling.
3. Have to catch each player individually instead of dueling all town players at same place (like town saloon).
4. Duelers (does not mean dueler class players) have less to do in fort battles.
5. Duel motivation changes recently and duel level caps.
6. Players can stay townless and do jobs / quests etc.

1. A separate world for dueling. No fort battles will be held here. Tho players will be free to do jobs, quests, crafting & dueling. Following changes i am proposing are only for dueling world and not for regular worlds.
2. Bringing back old dueling formulas only for this world. It involve bringing tactics / appearance builds and old resist builds formulas. Less stress on luck factor will be help in encouraging dueling a lot.
3. Earlier we used to challenge players at their town saloon. I propose to bring this feature back for dueling world. It will encourage duelers to raid enemy towns. by visiting one place rather than moving all over the places.
4. On the top i said there will be duel battles. For dueling world i want to propose dueling battles where battles will take place between duelers of different towns / alliances by dueling. It will not be like current battles. Players on opposite sides will duel each other and team with most wins will win the fort. In these battles, a player will be give a specific rank, lets say "commander" who will set offliners duels. There will be no towers or flag in the fort like in regular forts. Like in regular fort battles, you cant use buffs once these dueling battles will start.
5. I suggest to do away with duel motivation and duel levels. In dueling world, players will duel on basis of their experience levels so all will be equal.
6. There will be a cap of level 25 after which a player has to join some town or make his / her own town. Since this is a dueling world every player need to join town and part of fun. If any player decides not to join town he/she will be transferred to robot towns until they decide to join some other town. In real west every person is under risk :laugh:

Abuse Prevention
I dont see any loophole or abuse here.

Visual Aids
This will involve some changes in current fort maps and i leave it to developers as they think ok.

Changes in dueling system over the years has reduced players interest and many players quit. Dueling is essential feature of west but it is more like battles now. There were many features which were changed after non duelers complained of abuse by duelers like constant dueling. But with a dueling world players interested in dueling we will not see anyone complain if we bring these features back. It will attract more players who are interested in dueling and want some team play with fort battles through dueling.

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Kidd Kalypso

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An interesting idea, but with Inno's reluctance for doing separate worlds for different things I would doubt it would get implemented.


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if this proposal is voted (which seems not atm) it doesnt mean it will be accepted by mods with all it features but only few may be accepted and if those few means bringing back old dueling formulas and initiating a duel at town saloon instead of player location, it will be worth it


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It's a nice idea and all but I honestly think it won't happen with Inno, just my 2 cents.

Pankreas PorFavor

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Let me see... it's roughly 50-50 currently. And this proposal says - give us a world that would work like this, and people can join it and play. And 50% of the players say - no, you should not get a world like this. Are you people nuts? Was I supposed to vote against the speed world event just because I didn't want to join it? "I don't want to play in that kind of world, therefore I will vote against it so nobody else can play" - this is the way your mind works? I don't know what to say... I am really disappointed...

Pankreas PorFavor

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Simply put: If duellers get this, then it would be fair to give pacifists a world where you can't do players duels, and a world for the hardcore-fortfighters, where everything is about the fortfights, etc.
Ah, I apologize. I completely missed the line in the proposal that said that other worlds are explicitly forbidden. :hmf:
But, sarcasm aside, you are saying that your vote against a dueling world is also a vote against separate worlds for these other types of play? Why?!


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You could change world 1 back to classical world and have those formulas. I ain't sure if I should/'nt support this idea.

But good luck.
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Introvert Mj

Another word to the people here. Those who are against the idea can vote against it, please stop red repping the people who support it.


Just a note: I've deleted the last 3 messages because you ended up arguing. Please keep it civil, there will be no further warnings..


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They are preparing new things for the next tombola so we will have to wait for the duelling formula to be fixed.


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I hope I ain't making bad news, but since Fairbanks opened, I don't think it would be anytime soon anyway for another new world.

Thanks felicity (Eldorado is what I meant)

What was the time for the new Fairbanks world versus dakota?
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Pankreas PorFavor

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And the speed world a few months before Fairbank.
I would, actually, expect this dueling world to be temporary, like the speed world was, although the original proposal doesn't mention that.


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the idea has some merit. I'm not a dueler much myself but it'll give the duel vets a world where they can literally shoot each other to KO via old-school strategies but it'll be hard to implement due to everyone will soon be asking for worlds exclusive for adventuring, battles, etc. All i can say is good luck to all duel fanatics for this idea.


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If this was a temporary world I'm all for it but a permanent world then no due to the possibility of driving away all duelers from normal worlds.