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Micky Davies

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I have top ask tho - Whats with the unrelenting pressure to send hearts? It really does take the fun out of the game, i have heard of people being unfriended because they have missed a day of heart sending - Come on this is meant to be fun - stop with the pressure and have ssum FUN :D
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becuz it s hard to get the juan set without this discipline. 180k hearts is designed to be very hard but theoretically possible without spending nuggets


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Let's just say some people are desperate for hearts and will unfriend you in the blink of an eye if you miss one day. That's it in one simple nutshell.

Pankreas PorFavor

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in my friends list I have people who are in vacation mode since forever. they come online every 90 days or so to set vacation mode again and prevent their toon from being deleted. but they are friends, and their place in the list is guaranteed.

but, I also deleted a lot of people. you cannot send a group telegram to the whole alliance, spam the chat with friend requests every day - but then you sent hearts to me only once. that just doesn't agree with me.
I may be wrong, but I doubt that they were all on the same bus, had an accident and now they're in a hospital and can't come online and I am just a bad person for unfriending them. there is a slight possibility that something else is the case...


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The problem with sending hearts is the gain... or actually the lack thereof.

If I send heart to all my friends I gain: Absolutely nothing! So why bother?
I have to rely on others to gain something, while they aren't guarenteed anything. A bad way of doing things. A way could be that when I send, I gain 10 hearts and the one I send to gain 10 hearts. A win-win situation, since every will gain from sending hearts.

I know already that this won't happen. How? Simple, it will decrease the number of people that have to buy nuggets to get the "Grand Prize" (another crappy set). And we all know that InnoGreed is only in this for the money.

Kidd Kalypso

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That is the proper word...I always keep my core group in friends list...the other 70???? If they do not send
, cya. Always another one on the list waiting.
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while i understand why one would unfriend a stranger that refuse to send hearts

i donno get how u guys can keep track of so many ppl sending heart to u or not on a given day? U guys all accounting majors?

Cro Sharpshooter

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There's a script that allows you to see total number of hearts received from other players and makes your sending go smoother as well.