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I was reading about a secret quest involving putting your toolbox in your held items and I was wondering if anyone knew of others?

If they are other Threads talking about this I couldn't find them

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huh? i dont know anything about it but i aint up on news lol sorry


Yes if you equip the toolbox to your product spot in the inventory you gain access the the quest Small Things Broken Chair. You have to have 30 repairing skill I think and that's it. As far as others I do remember someone in my town equipping all the products they had to see if there where more. As I recall they didn't find any, but this doesn't mean there aren't more. Keep trying with any product you get and let me know!

loner 269

i dont get it this games getting messed up all around mendoza an mendoza 2 on 4 or 5 both hit a brick wall no 1 wants to join an work the towns up since all the talk about changes an as for teh lev30 i aint even close so i cant even try it hahaha this bites tell people you know who need a town to join those 2 it would help alot thanks

Oishky Poishky

actually once you unlock the quest you only need 25 repairing to complete it.


Are you suggesting you need 30 to unlock it and 25 to complete it for you only need 25 to unlock and complete it?


if you equip certain items, you unlock hidden quests. I think there are tons but they are like holiday events, appear only at certain times and days....there's what 7,000 item combinations? You'd need to spend years trying to map them all out. There are 105 products, you'd need to experiment wearing each product for a full week with different item combinations, chances are you need to complete certain quests in the game too. So after completing every quest aquiring every item in the game, you'd need to go one by one, changing items and wearing them for a week....I know some quests you don't weild weapons for, so there might just be an infinate number of hidden quests...figure 7,000 item combinations, divided by, 52 combinations per year, works out to 280 years, and if you get 280 people to trying to find them, take about a year.

edit-you'd need to divide it evenly between all 280 people, thats 25 combinations, thats with items in every slot, not including the empty slots.
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I know some other product you equip to unlock few hidden quests
the toolbox and tooth necklace quests arent really secrets..

edit, not the 2 weapon quests with songbook or newspaper either
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What? Seriously? I never ever heard of the Toolbox quest. Is the 25-30 Repair unmodded or with items?

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What is that "weapon" quest with newspaper and songbook?
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