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Many many many games have this kind of ladder because it enhance the competition and voulountee to spend money and get better,
every year or soo the season restart and the ladder is erased or restarted ... the west fort stats already is a permanent way of tracking almost
better than the normal lad , it just miss the dodges ... tank dont even make it inside!

Also it would be time to do some adjustment because adventurers practically dont even made into the lad,
if your class perk work you are precluded to gain dodges ... it would be fair for them to mark those as dodge..
at least a half of those...


Competitive skill-based Esports games have seasons, I've never heard of a RNG based game with competitive seasons, and hopefully we never will lol


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I think what he is trying to tell with his mediocre English is that, Seasonly resetted Ranks, not Characters.

But well I'd love to have such charts like Westforts do (Monthly, Yearly, per Town etc) , including Dodges etc


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this is a competitive game !
Really competitive and not only between teams but also between player ,
competition increase incomes , I dont see why this wouldnt happen!
And for the love of god give some love to adventurer and rework that class perks ;)


This was a competitive game, now it's a casino, now a handful if people compete. And their prize is the tombola winners set.

I agree with you to the extent that I wish the pvp was the main focus of this game, but being realistic, they would introduce tombola leaderboards and rewards for whomever picked the most berries this season.

We're not quite in a state for PvP focussed ESports style seasons, is my point...
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Is a good add-on , It would make more money for them and more fun for us...
just add it to the list!

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Since this game is pay-to-win, there's no point for an idea like this except to acknowledge the people that spend the most money.


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i dont have the calculation under my hand but i spent over 9 milion of in game currency ,
its equal to 4000 nuggets or soo ... leftover from tombalas drops sale ...I do 600 dmg a round and i got 6000 hp ...
someone that has used the same amount on a single item on a single occasion 4-5 years ago can do 1600 dmg per shoot
and have 8000 hp or soo...
this is a way of eliminating noobs or what?