Searching for buffs


Allow the in-game inventory search to return results for buffs.
Edit - Also allow the same functionality in the market!

Current Workaround
Look at all your buffs individually to find what effect they will have

Right now I can't search for 'waytime' or 'shortening' at all. I have to look at all my buffs and remember that the oats do that.

OK, Oats maybe are easy, but what about 'Hey, do I have a buff that can help me with Freeing Slaves'?

Abuse Prevention
None Needed I hope

Like searching for all items that have 'Health', why not search for all items that give an effect?

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+1 from me, I've found myself searching for effects on at least a couple of occasions, mainly because you can do it for clothing bonuses and I forget that you can't do it for buffs as well. There are so many different buffs these days that it's difficult to remember each individual one that you may have received from a one-off event or bonus code, and with the amount of pages of products that most players have it's quite a hassle to find and compare all your buffs of one particular type.


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I'd love this too, if I want to restore my health I don't want to browse through 20 pages of products to find the item that does that :)