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Save Galveston Fort Battles

Tucker Blue

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Let's be honest, fort battles are fun.....when the scales aren't tipped too far to one side. Fort Battles in Galveston are all but dead. Hunters has too much of an advantage, for whatever reason. Why isn't the question. How we fix this situation is. But before i start throwing out ideas, i just want to test the water.

Is there an agreed mindset in Galveston that some type of action needs to be taken to get Fort Battles back up and running on a regular basis?

Would players be willing to switch sides for the benefit of the Galveston Fort Battle community? i would be.

Would towns be willing to switch alliances(if needed) for the benefit of the Galveston Fort Battle community?



Something has to be done or the entire server will have withered on the vine before anyone has noticed. So in that spirit, short of donating a kidney, I'm on board.


Absolutely I agree. It can be divided at least by half and some of hunter towns switch their sides.


i believe inno should cap alliances to a certain number of towns or members HUNTERS leader does not care that she is destroying the server as long as she is winning she does not even let people play the game for themselves you have to play the game her way it is not an alliance it is more of a dictatorship
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The most important thing in whatever we do here is to make sure that when things are re-balanced it is done properly. I know some people may end up with their noses slightly out of joint, I just hope we can all be big enough to understand that at least until younger players have a chance to develop and learn the ropes, it is important that the balance is such that when a fort fight start, either side can win or lose.

Without that element of risk how can it possibly be rewarding and hold peoples' interest long term? The best FF's are always the ones where you can identify a moment in the battle and afterwards wonder what would have happened if you had only done something slightly differently.

Would it be worthwhile creating a council or committee of interested people to try and move this forward? Or do we simply proceed along town lines? I think most of us know that if certain individual freedoms are guaranteed, almost everything else that divides us are simply letters of the alphabet.


i dont mind switching alliance's but i stand firmly when i say this, i will NOT join the hunters so if u saying 'switching sides' is what you mean on that, i would go without FF if i had to join hunters... i do not like them nor will i ever join them.. i play this game for the quest,game play and to meet friends possibly,i do not play just for FF.it is a bonus but not a must.. but this is my opinion..thank you


Cleetus, i respect you a lot but this thread isn't for that. we are trying to discuss how to balance FFS and you are just trying to air your grievances with GB. Aren't you tired of the drama? saying whatever about her wont benefit you or anyone. Tucker is a Hunter and we have been discussing balance in the alliance so don't say that she doesn't care because you aren't a hunter anymore.
On topic..
I'm all for solutions that will balance FFs.
Noone asked you join Hunters Blackstar. You dont like "them"... like everyone?. you have met everyone in hunters and you dont like THEM? OH.. LOL. okay then.

Tucker Blue

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If you are in TEAM Rebellion or Peregrine Falcons, are a premium player, and wish to become a pure adv ff, i will sponsor you. What that means is that i would pay for your Shaman to start putting all your Attribute points on STR and all your Skill points on HP. There are other players trying to help with cheaper ff sets from what i have learned. Contact me in Galveston if you are interested in being sponsored. Not sure if Tintic is aligned with TR and PF but if they are they're added to the list as well. We can't let fort battles die.

*i have personally gone pure adv ff and i can assure anyone wondering that you don't lose any jobs or anything like that. Not much changes at all except your effectiveness in fort battles.
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Tucker Blue

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i don't get it. The story i've heard so far goes something like this:

Gorgeous Blonde said this and did that. She ruined blah blah blah and then went to Houston and blah blah blah. BLAH!

Players won't join REB or Falc to help GALVESTON. Apparently some of you think that's what she wants so you "won't give her the satisfaction". Of what? Watching her alliance dwindle and start losing Hunter forts? Yeah what a punishment to GB. i've never seen this side of GB some are talking about nor would i care. i'd point to the door.. BUT IF she is what many claim she is, being under your skin and keeping you from evening out the troops knowing SHE holds that power is what she would want. That's not a personal assessment of GB, just a blatantly obvious human psychological assessment. What's better FOR GALVESTON? Allow her to hold this over your heads or just switch alliances and help Galveston. The newbs are still pouring in. It's not dead yet. i hope this message was curt enough because it's time to make a choice, for Galveston. Cry and moan or do what you know needs to be done. i'm already doing my part. At my expense. Do i want a medal for it? No, just some decent bloody fort battles for a change. It's all what most of us want i would hope. This isn't a sound off board for "but tucker she did this and BLAH BLAH BLAH." Not hearing any of that and will flat out ignore it like it doesn't exist.

i am The Blue Shadow and i endorse this message.


I'll join that bus Tuck. it comes with being an old gamer that some get past what they were more concerned about early in their gaming life and move on to more philanthropic concerns, like making other players better, and improving their gaming experience, in that they are able to enjoy the games they play more.

helping people become better at what they're trying to do is part of that. As for who is doing what, i don't pay a lot of attention to that. i'd rather help those who need it and be sociable in general.


If people had no egos none of this would have happened so yeah stop thinking with your ego and start thinking with your mind and maybe some change may occur in the future.

Tucker Blue

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Too many stubborn fools for this to work. i'm done fort battles, on both sides. They're not fun anymore. All offers off the table. So much for IFBB next year. Thanks Galveston.

Tucker Blue

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It's official. Galveston fort battles are dead. i might just stop playing the west. fort battles are the only reason i play.


I re-read this thread with interest a few minutes ago as the moribund state of fort fighting still continues in Galveston. Lately a few of us have been attacking Timber Wolves (TW) held forts.in an effort to re-start fort fighting. It is hardly competitive and largely an exercise in futility although very occasionally we manage either a win or a successful defense. I suspect that TW is not trying very hard as well so even those wins are illusionary. However, those people that turn up do have fun, which is the main point of the exercise - and our numbers are growing slowly.

History is now history and cannot be undone. We can only try to move forward. I do not believe that it is TW's responsibility to cure the ills of Galveston. Rather the onus is on the 'opposition' to build a viable force. (Opposition does not mean 'enemy' just 'a friendly opponent for the duration of the ff' here.) I am not sure whether anybody reads this thread any more and, if they do, whether they care. On the off-chance though, if you are interested in helping to revive fort fighting on Galveston, please contact me. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow and we are still trying to germinate the acorn! Any and all help will be welcome.


I would agree Odders, I would also say that is the state of fort battles in several worlds.. right now, the newest world draws people to fort fight, is true,.. we let some worlds die already, not pointing fingers, it falls to us all. thank you for your post, I think migration from dead worlds should not be such a hard thing to do.