There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call "The Sandbox".

In the sandbox, there is no defined starting plot or theme. You have the chance to create a character stemmed from your own imagination or get inspiration from from books, movies, lore, etc. The story takes place on a generic planet or planets during no specific time (meaning that someone from the medieval era could exist in a world populated by machines). There will be two or more defined teams of the characters that we create. The characters on a team don't have to have anything in common except a common goal. Also, both teams will have to meet at some point and conflict with each other. The story will begin once we have two players on each team.

1. NO GOD-MODDING!!!!! This means no invincibility, no constant avoidance of damage, and no obvious advantage over the other characters. One character can not win every fight, and they must get hurt sometime.
2. Your character must be mortal and tangible. This stems from the first rule. Immortality equals invincibility.
3. Characters can not be killed. Hurt, yes. Defeated, yes. But not killed.

Bio Sheet:
*Required info*: (This varies for different characters. It could include weapons, magical powers, or other attributes specific to your character)
Side: (At the beginning, the sides won't have names, so just say who you are aligned with.)

I will start...

Name: Loki the Trickster
Gender: Male
Powers: Illusion that looks real, feels real, smells real, even tastes real, but is not real. For instance, he could make rice look like steak, and it would taste like steak.
Appearance: trimmed beard, cloak, hat... nothing too special.
Side: My own - generally evil.
Bio:Took his name from the Norse god, just because he liked the sound of it. Evil by nature. His ambitions don't rise to conquest of the universe, but it would be a nice bonus.
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Lord Regal

The West Team
Name: Lord Regal
Gender: Male
*Required info*: Controls water with ease. Can use it as a weapon, but also can make a very refreshing drink by combining pure water with the taste of pure air. Cannot drown. Uses an axe-lance (axe on one side, LONG shaft with lance head on the other side.) and a shield.
Appearance: Blue skin, blue eyes, blue clothes and blue cloak. Weapons are also blue. (shows alignment with water)
Side: Fights against anything he believes to be evil. Firmly on the side of good.
Bio: Regal started out as a normal kid. However, a strange occurrence turned him into a force of nature with the power of water. To protect himself, he stays on a planet covered in water in a tower he made on the one dry island on that planet. He lives a life of solitude, but will not hesitate to fight those considered evil at any time.

Justin Michael

Name: Mr. Jones
Appearance: Tall and strong, yet thin. He wears a three-cornered hat with a long trench coat. His half-buttoned shirt is thin and dirty, it once was white. Several necklaces adorn his suntanned neck -- one of sea shells, one of gold, and another of small stones carved to look like skulls. He wears ripped trousers and goes without shoes. His hair can only be described as a mess. Some of it is braided, some of it flails wildly all over the place, some of it is short, most is long. A whiskey bottle might be found some where in its mass.
Power: Reality Perception (can only control within the radius of a planet), One minute your goal in life might be to conquer the world in the name of nasal hair, the next it might be to worship shoes.
Location: The Cellar (a.k.a. Mr. Jones' Planet) is a planet on the edge -- if you think there is an edge. Nobody leaves if Mr. Jones don't want 'em to: just wait for reality to set in.


The wind felt good now. It was the best thing in the world!
"Faster!" commanded Mr. Jones. The two men pumping the handcar pumped faster. They reached the top of the hill and let the car coast down the rails.
"Whoooooo!" yelled Mr. Jones. The car coasted for a long while before it came to a stop.
"Let's go to the station!" said Jones. The two men sighed in relief. The station was about two yards away.
"Now we drink!" yelled Jones. Two waitresses took the queue and brought out wine glasses filled with beer.


Name: Kastor
Gender: Male
*Required Info*: Is the son of the god Arkantos. (If you've ever played Age of Mythology you know him.) A demigod who carries twin blades and is strong enough to throw people long distances. Is the leader, hero, and warrior of Atlantis
Appearance: A strong armored man in his 20's with a black ponytail.
Side: My own. Has no real allies or enemies yet but is trying to choose between good or evil. (Essentially: Neutral ATM.)
Location: Atlantis. (No it didn't sink.)
Bio: A normal kid who grew up in Atlantis with his father Arkantos. Arkantos then slayed the cyclops Gargarensis and was rewarded godliness by Athena. Later on Kastor went (Under the misguidance of an Krios an evil man controlled by Kronos.) to free the Titans and give them power. He succeeded but when Krios freed Kronos he managed to summon the good Titan (Gaia aka Mother Nature.) with his and his fathers friends Ajax and Amanra. (Who helped kill Gargarensis.) And she killed Kronos. (Note: Krios was ruler of Atlantis until after Kronos's death Kastor killed him and won back Atlantis. Also this is the plot of the games Age of Mythology and it's sequel Age of Mythology: The Titans.)


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Name: Oliver Thompson
Gender: Male
*Required info*: Has master crafting skills, able to craft manual weapons (swords, lances, maces, clubs, things like that) out of nearly anything, requires solid substance to create chemical weapons (rifles, pistols, grenades, like that), but needs the proper ingredients for the propellent

(During Irish campaign)

(After recieving commission)

(Later portrait)
Side: Alligned to Parliamentary Forces, people who want oligarchies in power, generally good, unless the Oligarchy or Parliamentary forces are on evil side. If oligarchies or Parliamentary forces are not available, will join what he thinks is good.
Bio: Born in the general time period of the late 1500s to early 1600s, to what would generally be called English parents, Oliver Thompson grew up and matured fairly quickly, from being with his father, Charles Cromwell Thompson, a lieutenant of a calvary unit. Forming military doctrine at an early age, developing it to near perfection, along with how to form militaries, Oliver eventually brought the proposals to the lord of the area, the Lord Michael of Lancashire. Lord Michael was so impressed, he gave the young Oliver a commission of Brigade General on the spot, at the age of 20, making him the youngest general officer in the country. Immediately afterwords, he formed the New Model Army. A few years later, the neighboring country of Ireland tried to invade Lancashire, the New Model Army, using new doctrines, mostly involving better use of firearms, artillery, and calvary, defeated the Irish, and allowed Lancashire to expand to include all of Ireland. Later, Oliver would be sent with a few of his New Modelers, as they were called, a company of Carbine Dragoons ( those guys, only armed with the M1 carbine). That is where we start Oliver's story.