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I'd like a bit of clarification regarding the rule about more than one West player sharing the same Internet connection. I keep hearing about people getting banned because they have the same IP address (share the same Internet connection). Yet it is IN THE WEST RULES that you ARE allowed to share the same Internet connection so long as the people using the same connection abide by the limited dueling rule.

From The West Game Rules:

§2) Players sharing an internet connection
Players that share an internet connection, or live in the same household, may not duel each other or coordinate duels against another player. At least 12 hours must have passed between coordinated duels on a player. Participating in the same fort battles is allowed.

I also did a search in this forum and found this closed thread:

Neither of these state that players can no longer use the same Internet connection... I'm concerned about banning players who have done nothing wrong. This is going to have a serious impact on the game for the rest of those who are currently playing.

For instance... What if I visit my cousin who lives in a different city and also plays The West... Or, maybe I move in with her and her family (no I won't, don't panic... lol) Yet I just join a few battles or set up jobs or quest... or whatever. We don't tagteam anyone... maybe I won't even bother to duel at all....... Will I get banned?

If the answer to that question is "No"... Then why in the world would others be banned for living in the same house? If this is no longer allowed, then please state so in the rules so people are not blindsided by some misunderstanding.

One of the "reasons" for some of them being banned was because one logged on... played for a bit... logged off... and their brother/sister/husband/wife/roomie/visitor/whoever logged on right after. This isn't a "multi"... Unless the people in question have more than one computer, they will have to log off then let the other person log on. That's just common sense...

Also, I think a flat out permanent ban for a first "offense" may be a bit harsh... Especially when there seems to be an increasing number of innocent people getting banned for no reason. Some people may not read the rules all the way through (yes that would be their fault)... They may be new to the game and want to try all 5 flavours.... (Adventurer, Dueler, Soldier, Worker... and Greenhorn). Maybe a temporary 3 day ban at first as a hand-slap along with a polite reminder of the rules for a first-time offense... and give the noobs a choice of which character to keep when the ban is over (remove the ban on their chosen character and leave the ban on the others). If they continue to ignore the rules... then ya, give them a permanent ban.

BTW... I had reported a multi that was using almost the same name... It was something like "Username1 and Username2". Anyways, they seemed to be a rather obvious multi... yet I was told "They appear to be two separate players playing from the same connection. And as only one of them duels, there is no conflict."


There's really no way of answering your specific examples without revealing too much of the tools and methods used to catch multis. As a rule of thumb, if it looks like only one person is playing the accounts, that's likely to be the case.

Locking this so it doesn't turn into a discussion.

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Firstly, we do not allow in game bans being discussed on the forum. This is an in game issue so your best bet is to open a ticket so an IGM or CM can provide you with more information regarding the rules.

However, you were not banned nor did you initiate the ban so you are not exactly aware of why the players remained banned. A player may not register more than one account per world, a rule commonly used in many browser or MMORPG games. The rules are also linked to several places in the game, it's the player's responsibility to read and follow all the rules we have set forth. Not knowing or willfully violating the rules will get an account banned.

If a player has been banned for multi-accounting, they are provided the opportunity to appeal the ban. Depending on the appeal, taking into consideration any previous infringements, first time offenders are given only one account back. First time offenders caught for multi accounting while violating any other rules such as push or co-ordinated duels, market pushing etc... are given a X day temporary ban but this is at our discretion.

It's all good and well to be upset your friends were banned and not given the opportunity to return to the game but you do not know all the rule violations involved, you are not aware of any previous rule infringements and you did not deal with the ban appeals.

You are not entitled to our administration affairs nor will this be provided to the players.

Unfortunately I'll be leaving this thread locked, you may open a ticket but I've tried to give you as much information as I can here to give you a better understanding on a possible reason why the players did not get unbanned.
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