RP ideas


I feel like starting a new Modern war RP but i need ideas for factions since theres alot of fighting in the world.


You may need to think of a few factions other the Terrorists VS Counter-Terrorists...

Add some intrigue...


It will belike this its a modern war RP. Here is the units you can choose:


75th Ranger regiment.

160 Special Operations Aviation Regiment. (SOAR)


Taliban fighters.



The Rangers will have weapons that the US use no costom weapons or non US issued weapons. they will have basic equipment like the camel for water and a hand held radio for comunications on the uper left chest.
The SOAR uses the weapons on their aircraft.

The Afgans will have whatever weapons they find exept the Mujahadeen who we helped by giving weapons to push back the Russians in the 1980s.

Basic rules no god moding and no spam.

This takes place October 2010 so use modern equipment.

You will have to make your character with this.

Date Of Birth:
Weapons: (the US has the colt 45 as a side arm so just choose the primary weapon)
Specialty: (You can only have 2. Stealth, CQC, Marksman, Leader, Demolitions)

just tell me if im missing somthing and thanks for helping.