Rejected Robbing banks & Criminality

Discussion in 'Development Discussions' started by fentom, Jan 5, 2010.

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Shall Robbing Banks and Criminal Elements be brought to the West?

  1. Yes,

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  2. No,

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  1. fentom

    fentom Guest

    Hey everybody, I'm new here and I'd like to suggest something I didn't found using "Search", and that was suggested in the PT forums and everybody liked it.

    Robbing banks

    1- Starting the rob
    On the West, there were lots of outlaws and bandits, and I believe this reflects in the Dueler class. They robbed banks, and this could be a good deal.

    Something new that could be implemented in the game is robbing banks. To start a rob, a significant level player (around level 50) would start a rob by renting a house in a city. This would be done by paying about $1,000 (those would be added to the town treasury). Once the house is rented, the player that rented the house can invite other players to rob the bank with him. There are 5 player types (including the leader), so only 5 man can rob a bank.

    When all members have done buying their equipment (see after), the leader can start the rob, and then, 12 hours after all the robbers must reunite in the targeted town (choosen by the leader), and when the 12 hours end, if every robber is there, the rob starts. If not, the rob fails and any invested money is lost.

    The targeted town doesn't get knowing of the rob, and only present soldiers during the rob can defend the town. How the town is defended, we see below.

    The rob will take about 1 hour.

    2 - The reward
    The money earned is about how succesful the rob was. It can vary from 1% to 50% of the targeted's town treasury plus 1% to 50% to the town member's bank account. Experience is the money won divided by 8.

    Luck, is the sum of all shop buildings, multiplied by 2.8
    A complete town has 100% luck then. If you find anything in the rob, some lucky member will get it too. This will open ways to get those rare items like Jesse's Schofield. Also, if someone find an item, 70% of its value is added to the total rob value, giving a total of 17,5% of the value of the item per robber. This will make earning more money, and that money won't be took from the Treasury!

    Of course, all this if they don't get caught... :rolleyes:
    After the rob, you receive a report, just like a fort battle or a job. If we rob Springfield's bank, we shall receive a report just like that:


    3- The equipment and the members
    Each player will occupate one of the 5 total positions in the rob, each one needs to buy different equipment so the rob goes well.

    Member 1: Leader
    The leader is the one who rented the house. He can get products from jobs to increase the chances, as all others. When most items he gets, more the chances. It is better to have 3 of each item than 10 from only 1 item. The items are:

    Map (from Exploration) - Map of the bank to discover where the vault is.
    Documents (from Firefighter) - Information about the bank, like guards.
    Pocket Watch (from Robbing settlers) - To watch the time.

    The chance of all other members doing well their job is calculated by the leader's Leadership skill.

    Member 2: Burglar
    The burglar is the one who will pick the door lock, making the team enter the bank safely and silently. If this guy's equipment fails, the rob automatically fails and no one gets no money or experience points. The equipment are:

    Barbed Wire (from Installing fence) - To make the pick, barbed wire is good. Paperclips didn't existed in this time.
    Roll with Wire (from Setting up poles) - If the barbed wire ends, it's good to have extra.
    Tool Box (from Building Wind Mills) - To make the tension wrench.

    Also, the hability used by this members is Fine Motor Skills

    Member 3: Explosives dude
    This guy is the one who will plant some bombs near the bank's vault, opening it and allowing the team to take the money. If his equipment fails, the team don't get money, but gets experience (for what they've done).

    Nails (from Building a Ranch House) - I don't know why. Maybe he must stake the bomb in something.
    Cigars (from Trading with Indians) - To trigger the dynamite
    Dynamite (from Transporting Ammunition) - I don't need to say, right?

    Hability used: Tactics
    If the Tactics is low, he may not plant the bomb well and hurt any of the members.

    Member 4: Gunslinger
    The gunslinger is the one who understand about bullets and weapons. He will buy bullets for the member's weapons. His equipment only will get used if they get caught, increasing the damage (more equipment, more increase).

    Horn of a cow (from Branding Cattle) - Store the powder
    Smuggle goods (from Smuggling/Chasing bandits) - You never know what you'll find in those boxes
    Rounds (from Guarding the Stage) - What you'll shoot

    Hability used: Shoting

    Member 5: Escape dude
    The escape dude is a dude (or a girl... :)) which understand a much of horses, and will providenciate horsy things. More equipment, more bonus in the Horseback Riding ability when they try to escape.

    Saddle (from Breaking in/Stealing Horses) - To ride the horses
    Horseshoe (from Shoeing horses) - So the horses can ride
    Train Ticket (from Building train station) - To get in the train station and run away fast.

    Hability used: Horseback riding

    4- Protection against robs
    To protect the bank, you can level up a new add to the bank: The safe. Each level of the safe lowers the total money that can be won and the chances of the robbers being caught.

    Level 1:
    Maximum Money is 35%
    Level 2: Maximum Money is 25%; Soldiers receive 10% bonus of Stamina
    Level 3: Maximum Money is 15%; Soldiers receive 25% bonus of Stamina

    5- The escape
    If everyone is good enough and don't get caught, they escape and get back to the planning town, the time is definited by the horse the escape dude bought. Your part of the crime is recieved instantly after the succesful rob. But, what the hell will you tell to your wife? I imagine the discussion "how did you got all that money!?" "er... I won in lottery". Ok but let's don't get out of the real point. You may ask yourself now: And If I get caught? This takes us to our next part...

    6- Getting caught & combat
    Only present soldiers during the rob can defend the town. But they may not find you. This will be a comparison by the sum of the present's soldier Stamina skill and the robber's Hiding skill. If the robber's skill is bigger, they don't get caught. If the soldier's skill is bigger, then the things may get complicated... Getting caught is a shotout: The robbers vs. the present soldiers. Everybody shots everybody (except teammates, of course), and the chance of hitting/not being hit is calculated by Aim and Dodgind skills. The damage robbers inflict in soldiers is a random number of their dueling weapon, but it changes with the equipment the Gunslinger got. The Gunslinger needs at least 3 items to have a bonus of 20%. Each item is a bonus of 5% more.

    The damage soldiers inflict on robbers is just what their weapon can inflict. The soldiers keep fighting until the some of their total HP is in 30%, then the robbers can escape. The robbers keep fighting until the sum of their total HP is in 50%, then they try to escape. If they can escape or not is a comparison between the robber's and soldier's Horseback riding skill. If robber's have the bigger, they escape, if not, they get arrested (see below). Altought, the robber's Horseback riding skill can be improved by the equipment the Escape Guy got. It needs at least 3 items to give a 20% bonus. Each other item gives a 5% bonus.

    If, by the end, the soldier's win. All robbers pass out, losing the money in their hands and the horse. The soldiers win the same Experience Points the robbers would (if each robber carried $4,720 each soldier will recieve 1/15 of that, in case, 315)

    6- The end
    I edited it. This thing will lead to complete new pure builds and events to the game, also opening ways to finding hard items, and to small towns rob big towns, avoiding battle. Another thing to towns to do with each other. I'll ask to be voted.
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  2. jamesrebel

    jamesrebel Guest

    Its been suggested before but never with such deatail well done:D
  3. Father Coram

    Father Coram Guest

    I quite like this idea, It opens new oppertunitys' for higher level players and certian towns that want to make big money fast...Well thought out and a good idea!
  4. fentom

    fentom Guest

    I used search and didnt found it
  5. fossil1999

    fossil1999 Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2009
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    i like this idea too!
    Diggo can we have a poll for this idea??
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  6. w0lfy

    w0lfy Guest

    yes it has been suggested before -- use the title search instead of thread-- but you have more detail and effort then the ones i have seen before this should be considered as the devs will have less work to do :)

    very well thought out an old idea much better presented :ph34r:
  7. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Not my job, Diggo and EM are Ideas mods and Gem moves ideas to Development Discussions for voting.

    I'm surprised, because it's been suggested several times. It's also in Previously Suggested Ideas [PLEASE READ], which is the first search result for "robbing banks".

    Still, as jamesrebel said, you have presented a thoroughly detailed suggestion, so I think it can probably stay, but again, see my reply to fossil1999. ;)
  8. Mr. Fate

    Mr. Fate Guest

    Pretty big reward for the potential to only get KOd. How about if you're caught, your account goes bye bye. :razz:
  9. jamesrebel

    jamesrebel Guest

    or the money gets taken back and the robber looses all the money on them?
  10. Eclipse

    Eclipse Guest

    I love it! Very well presented with lots of details. Although one thing I don't like is the amount of money you can rob. It's way too much for my liking. Are there restrictions how often you can rob a bank? Are there other defensive precautions to help the town being robbed to fend off the robbers other than dueling? I think #4 with the getting caught and combat part could use more details.
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  11. fossil1999

    fossil1999 Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2009
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  12. mikethedice

    mikethedice Guest

    I love the idea! It has so much detail and would be a great asset to the game. One thing though, I don't really like the idea that you get the reward from the town treasury. I think that the money should be rewarded from the game, not entirely from the treasury. Perhaps it could take out 30% from the town treasury or a part of it from the town treasury, but not the whole because it would cause lots of conflicts and wars and we don't want it to be like tribalwars. Other than that, awesome idea! I'm voting yes for this if it goes to dev discussions.
  13. Gravvity

    Gravvity Guest

    I like the idea but I believe it could need some changes. You shouldn't introduce new items just existing, for example:

    The Leader needs: Maps (for example 5)
    The Burglar needs: Toolkits (1 or 2)
    Explosives Expert: Dynamite (for example 3)
    Gunslinger needs: Rounds (1 or 2)
    Escape Expert: Saddles (for example 3)

    All players should need:
    - Fortweapons
    - Horses
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  14. Ciaran124

    Ciaran124 Guest

    I love this idea I just think large towns may pick on either small towns or town with few deulers and soldiers!!

    I like what HotNSexy is saying this would be good if the town can help against getting robbed!

    May construct something like improving Bank Defences.

    or Building Watch towers to tell the Town when it is happening, This will be short notice so it won't give the town too much of an advantage.

    Or even Hiring Police or Serenity it would be different costs for better Serenity.

    100 per day Weak
    300 per day Meduim
    500 per day Strong

    This would come out of each member of the town.

    E.g for Strong Serenity if there was 10 members of a town it would cost each member $50 each day!
  15. sdjx22

    sdjx22 Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2008
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    I am liking the effort in the idea, so we'll leave it be despite it being on the list.

    It's worthwhile mentioning though that you may be overcomplicating things with the 'criminality level' a tad. That's swinging this idea towards the massive 'Outlaw Level' idea that sprang up. Your idea may be better received without it, I would have thought.
  16. fentom

    fentom Guest

    Ok Ok the criminality part can be withdrawn, as it's just a "plus" to the idea

    and i'm sorry i didnt found it in search. I searched "bank" in "show threads"
  17. kyle54312

    kyle54312 Guest

    han on by present soldiers do you mean online members or soldiers
  18. sdjx22

    sdjx22 Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2008
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    Oh, Fentom, as you are new I just want to let you know what your supposed to do. Whenever you change anything in your idea, go back and edit your original post. This enables anyone reading it to get the idea easily in one post without having to trawl through lots of posts, and this idea is probably going to get a lot!
  19. Well thought out idea, I like it, although I could do without the 'criminality' part, and I agree with Gravvity:

    5 of everything that Gravvity mentioned (for the 5 members) and to keep it as a 'high level job', the leader should also be required to have a pocket watch (Robbing Settlers job) to 'watch the time of the heist' which I think would help with 'fly by night 'outlaw gangs'.

    Anyways, it would be a great 'teaming' game play at the higher levels! ....(ie Level 50 or higher to be a 'outlaw gang' leader), plus it shows that many different skill types, aka 'builds', are needed to actually 'pull off a good heist!' :ph34r:
  20. upanator

    upanator Guest

    love it.
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