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    Each new year brings a possibility of an assortment of new things we could possibly expect in the coming months. While none of the features listed here are guarateed to hit the game, they are items that are being looked into and could possibly be next on the list.

    More visual feedback (2.03)
    • Progress bar for jobs added.
    • Animation after finishing a job added.
    Tutorial improvements (2.04)
    • Gap closer texts that appear when i.e. you have to wait for a job to finish or to explain the quick start button for jobs.
    • Congratulation Screen at the end of the tutorial that teasers game features.
    Quest-Tracker (2.04)
    • Display of accepted quests directly in the interface.
    • Players can configure which quests are displayed and which are not.
    • Display of the quest progres.
    Strengthening the friend invite system

    • Change of the rewards. (2.03)
    • Simplify the last step.
    • Own landing page for invited players.
    • Reactivate invite into town.
    Improvements of the job system (2.04)
    • Jobs will be unlocked according to player levels.
    • "Star system" shows how well the player can do a job and how much reward he will receive.
    • Labour points unlock new star levels.
    Optimization of the travel speed system (2.04)
    • Beginner speed buff will be connected to the greenhorn class again and be limited until level 10.
    • "Forced" character class selection (Screen will popup at level 10 asking you to choose a class).
    Prohibit character deletion because of inactivity
    • Characters that are inactive for more than 45 days will not be deleted anymore.
    • Inactive characters will be deleted from the rankings and towns.
    • After logging in the game again, you can continue with the still existing character.
    Ranking expansion
    • Fort battle and alliance rankings.
    • Maybe more rankings (Crafting, construction, ...).
    • Time based rankings (Monthly, weekly.
    Improvements for the item shops
    • Better display of offers in the shop.
    • Better promotion of special offers (In and outside of the shop now).
    • More discount.
    New duel system
    • More interaction (We want to go away from the static pre-calculated duel system).
    • Maybe special skills that can be activated during the due.
    Fort battle improvements and multiplayer instances
    • "Catch cows" or "Bear hunt" will be a similar to fort battle multiplayer instances that allows you to play against NPCs on a special map with a few other people.
    • Different maps for different forts.
    • Better fort battle balancing.
    Endgame content for middle of the map Wandering NPCs