Roadmap 2013 feedback


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More visual feedback (2.03)
  • Progress bar for jobs added.
  • Animation after finishing a job added.
Tutorial improvements (2.04)
  • Gap closer texts that appear when i.e. you have to wait for a job to finish or to explain the quick start button for jobs.
  • Congratulation Screen at the end of the tutorial that teasers game features.
Quest-Tracker (2.04)
  • Display of accepted quests directly in the interface.
  • Players can configure which quests are displayed and which are not.
  • Display of the quest progres.
Strengthening the friend invite system

  • Change of the rewards. (2.03)
  • Simplify the last step.
  • Own landing page for invited players.
  • Reactivate invite into town.
Improvements of the job system (2.04)
  • Jobs will be unlocked according to player levels.
  • "Star system" shows how well the player can do a job and how much reward he will receive.
  • Labour points unlock new star levels.
Optimization of the travel speed system (2.04)
  • Beginner speed buff will be connected to the greenhorn class again and be limited until level 10.
  • "Forced" character class selection (Screen will popup at level 10 asking you to choose a class).
Prohibit character deletion because of inactivity
  • Characters that are inactive for more than 45 days will not be deleted anymore.
  • Inactive characters will be deleted from the rankings and towns.
  • After logging in the game again, you can continue with the still existing character.
Ranking expansion
  • Fort battle and alliance rankings.
  • Maybe more rankings (Crafting, construction, ...).
  • Time based rankings (Monthly, weekly.
Improvements for the item shops
  • Better display of offers in the shop.
  • Better promotion of special offers (In and outside of the shop now).
  • More discount.
New duel system
  • More interaction (We want to go away from the static pre-calculated duel system).
  • Maybe special skills that can be activated during the duel.
Fort battle improvements and multiplayer instances
  • "Catch cows" or "Bear hunt" will be a similar to fort battle multiplayer instances that allows you to play against NPCs on a special map with a few other people.
  • Different maps for different forts.
  • Better fort battle balancing.
Endgame content for middle of the map Wandering NPCs
Strike through ones are the ones implemented. Bold and underlined ones are the ones I wish to see and shall comment on.


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Level Cap Raise

  • Raise the maximum level to 150
  • New content (Items, Quests, jobs)
  • Reveal the middle of the map as a high level area with 30 new jobs

  • Small version for small screen resolutions
  • Several small improvements for the Screendesign
  • Automatic discount and event mechanisms
Event Fort

  • Controlled by the Community Management and Event team and will be used for Community fort battle events and contests
  • Several extra configs like default takeover protection, faster fort battle starts, possibility to add NPCs, special rewards
  • Will be located in the middle of the map
Multiplayer Instances

  • Fort-battle-like missions for around 5-20 players (For example Bear hunt)
  • Special rewards
  • Can be played while doing other stuff in the game
Speed and Event worlds

  • Time-limited Event worlds
  • Special objective to reach (Last man standing, finding an item first, Reaching Level x first)
  • One event world per language version and/or one global event world
Ranking enhancement

  • Balancing improvements (For example for the town ranking)
  • New rankings (Crafting, fort battle, construction)
  • Time-based rankings
Duel System

  • Evaluate different concepts
  • Push the interactive duel system prototype we did already
  • Improve Balancing

  • Solution for spies and players that are not actually interested in staying in the town
  • Usability and UI improvements
New Forum style

  • It's about time, eh?
  • New layout for the Community forum
  • Upgrade to vbulletin 5.1
P2P Trade

  • Make it possible to transfer or trade items directly between 2 players
  • Push the friends bar by allowing them to directly trade items only with friends/town members
Crafting enhancement

  • Raise maximum crafting level
  • More recipes
  • Implement usability improvements
Travel Time (Railroad)

  • Make travelling on the map faster
  • Possibly via stations that can be built in towns
New Game Page (Game start page)

  • Modern design
  • More information and media about the game
Roadmap 2014
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The Roadmap will be announced to the Community every quarter of the year (every three months).


Duel system improvements

Is not duelling the essence of The West? And because we know you just love duels we decided it is about time to make some duel system improvements. The duelling levels will be capped at four hundred and fifty. When you lose a duel one third of the duel experience you would have gained for winning will be deducted. It is going to be worthwhile to duel regularly, as when an active characters does not initiate any duel within forty five days they will lose 3% of their current duel experience each week. Good news is that duel motivation will never fall below 3%. Duel protection will be extended to seventy two hours and will be cancellable after twenty four hours by challenging another player at a reduced cost, but the job knockouts will no longer afford duel protection. And last but not least, items will be able to have duel level requirements and use bonuses that will reduce your duelling level. But if you think that this is all, you are wrong. More duel changes and balancing improvements will follow. Sounds good?

Item upgrading
What is the need to store three pairs of shoes, when you can have one super one? This is the idea of an item upgrading feature. You forge three exactly the same items into one higher tier item, and all items that have stats can be upgraded to become SUPER one day. As in real life, this will cost money and does not guarantee success. For upgrading items you will have to pay with dollars and upgrading can fail, when it does you keep your items but lose money.

Item Shopoptimization
Shopping should be a pleasant experience so we decided that the shop needs some pleasure optimization. Therefore, we will do some screen design improvements like clearer categories for a better overview. We will promote special offers better, so you will not miss a good bargain. There will be changes in prices of some items, couple of items may disappear from our offer and some may change their stats. We will analyse and optimize chests and their drop pool too.

Adventures optimization
What can be more fun than cool Adventures? Therefore we want to get more players into the Adventures, and for example an Adventure tutorial could be helpful for that. We will add more rewards to the Veteran Shop so you could use your Veteran Points better. Adding achievements are also planned so you could have clear goals when taking part in Adventures. Moreover, we will solve technical issues in the Adventures very soon.

Players reactivate players
Do you have an in-game friends that are no longer playing The West? Help us reactivate them and get cool rewards for that. First we will log all necessary data, and then…We will create a feature that would list all inactive players that you might know and then you will be able to contact them via our mailing system.
Roadmap 2015 Q1, first observation is that the roadmaps are GIVEN to the community managers every 4 months. I really would like to see the road maps being day stamped on when and what got done from now on. I believe players would like to see what has been done with their investment on the game. When players aren't even acknowledgable about the progress of the game, it eventually becomes dissent.

For example, you paid someone to make a game for you, they say ok. Next month, you see the game with only visuals and be like. Is this the game I paid you to make?
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Roadmap 2019-2020:

> Make more money via (illegal) gamble events and punish players if u don't

> Make more money via P2W Premium (Nugget) PvP gear

And so forth
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Roadmap 2019-2020:

> Make more money via (illegal) gamble events and punish players if u don't

> Make more money via P2W Premium PvP gear

And so forth
If we want innogames to change it’s approach, we will need to get players to know the aftermath of buying op gear.

And simply embargo nugget purchases until innogames take action.

I see lots of unfinished goals that sounds great!


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If we want innogames to change it’s approach, we will need to get players to know the aftermath of buying op gear.

And simply embargo nugget purchases until innogames take action.
Heh, I wish.
Since when big-spenders consider long term while they can have immense superiority over others?