Discarded Restrict Access to Constructing Town Buildings

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I apologize if this has already been posted. I searched and didn't find anything.

It would be nice if the Town Founders could restrict access to who is allowed to work on constructing the town buildings or at least use the town treasury to expand. Every town I am a member of in each world has the problem where members are expanding buildings that are not ready to be expanded yet, or their skill level is much lower the the top builders in the town. It kinda waste the town's treasury.


EDIT: This idea passed by the users. But per the last post the developer stated it would take away from their vision of the game.
Changed status from passed to discarded.

see http://forum.the-west.net/showpost.php?p=162076&postcount=124
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It has been suggested before.

It is a good idea though. Definately needed.


Restricted Access to town treasury is better than restricted access to construct building


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i agree with this. i got people who build from the town fund who do nothing but waste money


Haven't had problems with this yet and hopefully I don't but this would be useful indeed.


town treasury restriction definately. building restriction no if they wanna waste their own money then let em.


The treasury restriction options I'd say should be like this

O -Tick this if you want only yourself and councillors to have access to the treasury.
O -Tick this if you want the treasury to be accessed by all.
O -Tick this if you want the treasury to be used only in constructing the selected building <insert drop down list of buildings here>

Something like that. :D


i think it would be more like this:


all the stars are a list of town members. you click the ones who have access to town treasury. simple and easy. councilors would have access to this as well as founder.


i like the idea and i think keighlon way is the best way to implement it.


and it would be in the town hall just like everything else. a button next to their name accessible for the founder and councilors. everyone could see if it was green or red, so everyone would know who could use the money, but only the founder or councilors could change it. i think it will cause delicious rioting... "why does abedknfr get to use the town funds? i got a 19 construction!"



The problem is when you use your own money it is tabulated into the town treasury. So those who want to build would say that they gave their portion (but then built with it). We have a simple rule and you merely have to track members build time in town hall. The mayor authorizes who is allowed to build, if you are not authorized and your time goes from 0 to a number.....boot. No questions no arguments. This is stated upfront and has worked well. We are ranked #2 in W3, and only have 6 levels of the gunsmith left till we max out. This was all done with 5 dedicated builders varying from 400-500+ BP now.


Or a official builder status/rank similar to counsellor and founder status.


It is a good idea. It would allow for more control for those who wanted, whilst remaining flexible for those that didn't. Everyone is happy.


It is a simple concept some have difficulty grasping: if you do not maximize results with available funds, you are "wasting" money from the treasury. It still allows the mayor and councilors to let everyone build if that is their desire, but gives more control like a planning commission has in modern municipalities.


heres the thing. if the founder quits what then happens to the town?
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