Submitted Restore the whisper function to its full extent

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make it possible again to whisper people that aren't in your friendslist or chat room by typing /tell <nickname>:

Current Workaround
you now have to add people to friendlist(however those tend to fill quite quickly due to this)

Before you could just type /tell <nickname>: to whisper anyone you wanted, with the new update 2.03 this is restraint to only people on friendlist or chatrooms, which just blows if you quickly wanna do a market deal or want to ask a question

Abuse Prevention

Visual Aids

gimme back the power to poke people that aren't in my friendslist or alliance!

Does this idea meet the Ideas Guidelines & Criteria? like anyone ever reads those so yes
Does this idea appear on any of the Previously Suggested Ideas List? nope
Does this idea makes you able to shout deth to Futu? Yes


There is one downside: knowing if someone is online or not, but that could be solved by having all whispers go through even if they are offline.

1Big Chief

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I like Zeta's idea.. but agree with Elmyr... whisper should not be allowed to detect if said player is online or not


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That was the good thing about the whisper function in the old version. Unless they shared a chat room with you, (eg. town, alliance etc) you would have no way of knowing if they were online.

I liked this since it meant that you never knew who, know the enemy side was offline or just "afk."


First time ive ever seen a vote pass with 100%. Well done.

Ill get this shipped of to the dev's in a golden envelope by Hermes himself. ;)

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