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Count to 00,000 26.08.14 17:56 great film~micky12
Count to 00,000 22.08.14 16:07 correct~micky12
Fathomless Sunset -... 19.08.14 13:01 nice~micky12
Count to 00,000 01.08.14 16:25 haha nice comment- micky12

and then
What are you listening... 11.12.14 20:39 love the song~micky12
Count to 00,000 19.11.14 19:10 Hehe~micky12
The Chains of Arunsia 18.11.14 21:38 Perran to the rescue! - Apel
Count to 00,000 15.11.14 22:29 I agree! ~anny
Introduce yourself! 06.10.14 12:11 haha~micky12

(That batch being my latest 5).

Mickey handing out green reps like they're candy bars.


Responses to Reputation... 17.12.14 12:33 stop whining you little baby

Love you too <3

Snr Sarg

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09.01.15 09:25 LOl you started end 2010 you never witnessed the old days :D

Erm, you could not be more wrong, I started my first world in 2008 on world 7. This toon was migrated to Colorado.

My oldest current toon is on World 1 and started 2nd August 2009

Micky Davies

Interesting there`s people on here who have no idea what a noobie is really annoying

27.01.15 14:40 utter noobie tripe

Big John1970

Oh that's nothing. I had that and got a Product with higher drop rate. Can't remember the details, but I DO remember thinking, 'RARE PRODUCT??? I've got about 50 of them!!!' :(
Oktoberfest - 2014 - I won't, deal with it little kid

Whaaaat??? :huh:

Exactly the same post -

Oktoberfest - 2014 - here, have some

I did that. Someone kept attacking me. I put my best duelling gear on, got me some decent skills and buffs, then attacked HIM and WON! Stopped him attacking me. :)
Avoiding Duels - numpty

Riiight. Because showing a bully that you will not let them push you around every day is a BAD thing. :razz:
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Micky Davies

Out of date rep reply noob, seriously? - Please put your name to your well out of date responce to a post i made - what you going to track down my 1st one and comment you sad little squid
I havent replied to or posted anything for weeks - so p off and leave my rep alone