Responses to Reputation Messages.


So.... [noparse][spoil][/spoil][/noparse]? I think that should work.

EDIT: Yay, it did.
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Count to 00,000 18.11.13 08:52 This made me laugh, I need to laugh more, I haven't laughed enough recently. My psychiatrist tells me I need to laugh more. - Zemelci

Kill your psychiatrist. He is right.

Responses to Reputation... 10.11.13 21:14 thats nice dearie

Yes it is, isn't it. Deep down I"m actually a very nice person.


Harumph, I'll have you know, young rascallion, that I have been playing this game since before it was an inkling in the developer's brain!


Then start playing! NOW! (Bare in mind that you will loose any spare time you currently have)


Well you said that the post needed a red rep, so I was doing my charitable service.

Fathomless Sunset -... 14.02.14 17:38 Keep it writing! Good job! ~Ripwise

Well, I've gotten odder ones. I think. Maybe.


Just discovered this thread. So, here's what i got so far. All are green, yay!

Substitution cipher 29.03.14 19:04 Certainly not the village idiot! You've proven yourself quite clever.
Others would beg to differ.

treasury transactions 24.03.14 07:26 lightshot is great, i love it. I used to go through ctl+printscr then paste in paint, then upload to tinypic... such a pain.-Gandalf
I'll give lightshot a try & see if i'm more successful. Thanks for the recommendation.

treasury transactions 24.03.14 06:59 curious ~anoop
I thought so.

how do you MANAGE your... 22.03.14 19:46 This is how awesome I am ~ PJ
Quick, where are my shades? Your awesomeness is blinding me! :cool:

re-submit expired items... 22.03.14 05:03 Lol you'll get the hang of it - mota
Yeah, eventually, after a lot of trial & error. :laugh:

1st Fort Battle 19.03.14 07:19 You are wise to ask questions, rather than wandering aimlessly on alone... - Apelatia
“He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever”
Chinese proverb

Thanks muchly to you all. It's always nice to get props.


If you cannot say anything good, don't say anything at all please

Some folks have nothing better to do with their lives ! How sad indeed !



14 from Micky since August :D

I try to return the favour when I can. Since I'm pretty certain my rep is worth 13 of his, I think he's making a cool profit :p
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