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Some of us have let our dueling levels get so high that we are out of targets. I in my quest to be #1 dueler on W12 now have the highest dueling level on W12. I think it would be great to have a way to reset your dueling level.

Current Workaround

As far as i know there is no current way to work around this problem

It would be nice to have a potion available in the new shop that you could buy for nuggets or bonds, that would allow you to reset your dueling level, like the potions available to reset your skills.

Abuse Prevention
Of course if the potion is too cheap then people will abuse the privilege, but i think the current potions to reset your skills are priced with in reason so that it is affordable, yet high enough to keep it from being abused.

To rap it up I think that there are a lot of people like me with high dueling levels that have lost out on the enjoyment of dueling in the game for the lack of targets and the distance you have to travel between targets that could benefit from the chance to reset your dueling level.

I also think that Inno Games would benefit from this option because lets face it, there are a lot of us willing to spend real life money on nuggets, and I have talked to several guys in game that would be willing to spend those nuggets (myself included) to reset our dueling level.

Besides the potential for more nuggets bought and more revenue for Inno Games, there is also the lost revenue from people that have high dueling levels that just quit the game or go on vacation mode that would happily stay and keep buying nuggets if there was a way to lower their dueling level. Seems to me we all win with this. I hope you guys agree.

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I think he means reset to the current players level so 120 would have a duel level of 120. I would be interested in this idea, though I can see how fort fighters wouldn't be happy that all those skilled duellists can hit them again :p But the basic idea is certainly interesting.


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Yes it could be like the HP buffs. Lower your dueling level by say 25% for one price, 50% for double the price, and so on. Dont know what it should cost, but just to put a # out there lets say 25% for 250 nuggets, 50% for 500 nuggets, 75% for 750 nuggets, and 100% for 1000 nuggets.

Only reset the dueling level as low as your actual level of course. We don't want 120's dueling level 10's, but my dueling level is almost 300, the highest on W12. I can hit very few people on the server. You shouldn't be punished for being good.


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No mater how many times Tiger wins he will always have plenty of tournaments and plenty of people to play against. His golfing level will never take him to the point that he cant play. My dueling level on the other hand is to the point that most of the time I only have 6 targets within a 6 hour range. If I had known this would be the case I would have went low motivation from the start.


I think you both have a valid set of comments, but this proposal is missing the mark.

Yes, Tiger Woods should have a handicap. No, dueling levels are not handicaps, they're disabilities.

A recommendation --- instead of Dueling Level limiting who you could duel, have it be a "literal" handicap, decrease in damage, aim, dodge, or something else for being a very good in relation to your opponents. So, when your character with 2000 wins goes against a substandard duel build with 5 wins and 300 losses, let there be a substantial handicap imposed to your character, making it harder for him to win.

Maybe something as simple as the difference in duel levels serving as the handicap. Your character has a duel level of 200, mine has a duel level of 60. So, your character has -140 points (60-200= -140) imposed on his damage, aim, and/or dodge --- against my character. But, if your character has a duel level of 200, and you decide to duel someone with a duel level of 200, the point impact is zero (200-200= 0) --- no handicap. If you duel someone higher than you, no handicap. The handicap would only come into effect if "you" initiate the duel and your opponent has a lower duel level.

That's my recommended direction.
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I see your point there but that still does not help the fact that there are only 10 people on the W12 server that I can duel. lol Your idea would make duels more fair but I still wont have any targets. Only a lower dueling level would fix my problem. My dueling level is almost 300 atm. Even if it was lowered to 200 I would have many more targets. But as is stands my dueling days are over till the rest of the pack catches up. I went FFer for a few months and then back to dueler and after 2 months I am out of targets again.


You don't understand what I presented.

At present, dueling levels indicate who you can duel. What I am indicating is that (in the handicap presentation) dueling levels do not impact who you could duel, only the degree of handicap you would have if you initiated a duel against someone of lower "duel level." In other words, dueling level is not a restriction on who your opponents are, they're a definer of your handicap.

Your dueling level of 300 indicates that if you duel someone with a duel level of 60, your handicap against that person (should you initiate the duel) would be -240.

This makes it so you can pretty much duel anyone (in other words, far more than your mere 10 oppts of similar duel level), but the penalties (handicaps) are high for attempting to duel someone of significantly lower duel level.
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Ahh I misunderstood. This is another interesting spin on it. I actual like it, but I think it would require a much more elaborate fix than just adding a few potions to the shop that would lower your dueling level a certain percentage.

I see a few flaws in your ides though for both Inno and the players themselves. For the players there are duelers that are just as good as me with much lower dueling level than I have. This would give those low motivation duelers the option to duel me with no penalty and an even chance to beat me but if they are as good as me then their skill distribution will be as such that with the penalty I stand no chance if I attack them so in effect they can just beat up on me forever and I can do nothing about it unless their dueling level is close to mine. Atleast at the moment I just have no targets. With this idea I have targets i cant beat on attack and more people gunning for me with no chance for me to win.

For Inno with my proposal there is the revenue factor. There is nothing for players to spend nuggets on with your idea. Plus I am no computer programer but I think your idea is going to require a lot more work to put in to place and nothing for them to gain from it. It would be basically a whole new dueling system once again. My idea changes nothing but your dueling level. Would be simple for them to add these potions and they make $$$ of it. Win win for them here.

Plus not all duelers would be willing to pay that kinda price to reset their dueling level I dont think. Just us with the massive dueling levels really need this option. This way penalizes no one and gives us all the same chance to place our skills in the same place and defend ourselves equally if we chose to do so.


Do not like this idea at all. And it will not be beneficial for innogames in terms of money too. They will lose on low lvl players quitting more, than they would earn on high duelling lvl players buying those reset potions.


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But you are one of the high level guys that quit on W12 Kablook. And what about the high level guys that will continue to quit. Inno will lose $$$ there as well.


i like this idea, there definetly needs to be a way to lower dueling level and for a number of reasons...

1.A lot of high lvl characters are quitting or becoming very inactive if they chose to be a dueler, this is entirely down to them having very little targets spread over a huge amount of travelling time making the game very boring.

2.Inno seem to be quite money driven atm, surely making a new potion for nuggets in the shop is another way for them to increase their profits from this game.

3.A lot of people are complaining good duelers will be able to hit the fort fighters, questers etc and yes this would be the case but a large majority of the people that duel them at the moment are 0 mot, if anything i think the huge numbers of players resetting their dueling level might even mean these types of players are dueled less since the duelers begin to fight amongst themselves again.

Just my opinion on this idea but certainly a YES from me :)


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My point exactly Sagaris! Inno does seem to be money driven ATM and these potions means more revenue from the potions bought and the more active the high level guys will become because of their lower dueling level. They can continue to duel with a lower dueling level or reskill FFer and not have to worry about being farmed for the high XP from the high dueling level.

Of course some FFers will get hit by guys that cant hit them now, but there will be guys like me in their alliance that will protect them and keep these low motivation guys from hitting them so much. Lets face it the guys that have dueling levels of 250 and 300 arent the ones that will be hitting the FFers. I want a challenge not a push over. I think it will make the FFers and questers safer than they are now.


Interesting scenario: 120s beating up greenhorns
I see a few flaws in your ides though for both Inno and the players themselves.
Clearly the alternative I posed has some issues to address (a need for standard level limits, for example). I didn't bother with working any of that out, just posed it for consideration as a far better alternative than what you pose. As to low motivation duelers, there really is something to that and being "active" should have its rewards (you have to be rather active in order to maintain low motivation). But even then, it could very well be done that motivation no longer impacts xp. A single action is not a solution, it's a patch. A full-on, sweeping series of actions is a proposal that may very well address many issues.

For example, a level limit could be imposed, where you can duel anyone 50% higher than your own level, or 25% lower. (a level 50 could duel up to level 75 or as low as 38). Low motivation could be modified to impact overall performance or ability (80% motivation = 10% decrease in dodge/aim, or similar), or could have no impact on xp obtained.

Point is, your proposal is all kinds of bad idea. It's simple, no doubt, but it isn't good. Simple isn't always the route to go, and in this case I would say it applies. To address the complexity of the issue (because it clearly isn't simple), you need a more complex solution.


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The way the dueling system works is low DL folk hitting high DL folk get rewarded with massive XP, by implementing this you can duel to gain crazy XP then simply reset and start over again.

It will make a mockery of the complete duel experience system and massively unbalance the game in favor of duelers.

A big no from me, if you want a low DL then go zero mot from the beginning.

This has already been suggested before.

And here:
Aaaand here:
Im sure I could find more, but I think you get the point.

Please use the "search" function before posting new ideas.

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Yes but the prob is if I knew then what I know now then i would have went low moto from the star. Its too lat to fix it now. So i have a account with all quests done and nothing left to do but quit cause i cant duel and if I go FFer then i will just get farmed.

Well one option to fix the prob of people resetting their dueling level over and over is make the potion costly enough that it wont be abused. Also you could make it only an option to use it one time. Or even make the potion so that it will only reset your dueling level 50%. My dueling level would still be over 200 if it was only reset 50%.


We get it, this is about your mistake and hoping a global game change will fix it for you.

But, the change you're recommending will hurt break it for a lot of other players, and thus it's a self-serving proposal. Pose a different solution, one that serves a greater majority (like 80%).