repeatable friends quest not working


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I am not sure if this is a bug or not but the friends bracelet quest does not work at all just now. `the quest appears as do the other quests but if you select the quest it allows the quest to be completed with no reward offered. I messed things up in w11 by selecting and without thinking completed but got nothing as a reward for completing the quest. the other quests in that series were lost to me at that point.

anyone else having this problem? :indian:


Yea, I already sent a support ticket yesterday. I'm actually glad it's not just me who's facing this problem. :p

/me demands her free skill point :mad:


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On the German forum their Community Manager said that there will be a bugfix next monday (august 3rd) and that the timeframe for the questline will be extended.

Can I assume this is true for the .net servers as well?