Passed Removing the quest limit.

Would you like to see this idea implemented into the game?

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the title says it. we want te remove the quest limit. we don`t like it and its just annoying.

1. the salloon is confusing because all the ! !

2. u don`t see the new questions.

3. you are busy with questions where for you need products ore you have to do a job. and you have to cancel it because you can not accept more questions

what do you think of this ?

(original post from the dutch forum)
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Agreed , people can level up so fast now with the extra quests that the limit on the number of quests you can have open at once has either outlived it's purpose or doesn't serve any purpose at all other than to add clutter to the saloon and detract from gameplay

Kars Smidt

Very good idea for sure, why is there even a quest limit? (already 3 dutch posts :p) Hallo Roygang en Aliebaba :p


Why not enable some kind of one-click questing where you don't even have to accept the quest?

A lot of us don't even accept the quest to gather tobacco leaves and whatnot, we just go get them, and then accept and complete the quest in 3 seconds.
Same with quest duels, people just click "accept quest" and then "challenge Snotburg now", and if they don't win they likely cancel the quest until they're ready to try again.

If we had no limit on quests available, then the next step would be to remove the "accept quest" button and just leave the "complete quest" button.
One-click questing! Yay!


With the time spent working a job requirements on some quests one click questing would mean you would finish a quest without actually realising you had started it lol


I hate it when I cancel one quest to do an # hours quest cause I'm at the limit then realise I forgot to accept it in the first place :mad:
It would be nice to just accept and work your way through as you wish without worrying about this sort of silly mistake lol.


Love this idea, the limit of ten is a pain, any improvement gets my vote.

Da Twista

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And I agree on this one.

I have already put this suggestion forward a few months back, but have not heard anything from it as yet.


I am in favour of this one. I recently had to do a lot of quests at once and it was uncomfortable canceling some to leave space.


I wouldn't use it because I never accept product quests until I have the product, or any other quest until I plan on doing it, but I don't see much reason for it. It would make support's job more difficult if you're having a problem with a quest. If you have 30 quests open with duplicate requirements it won't be easy to figure out which quest is giving you trouble.

Edit: Just to clarify, I meant I don't see much reason for the limit, not the suggestion, despite the fact I wouldn't use it.
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Kars Smidt

When you don't accept the quest the !-sign will always be above their heads, even if you can complete a quest I thought. And if the support wants to have only 10 quests accepted then they should do that, but I think we must be able to accept all of them.


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Pretty good idea. I wouldn't use it though since I only accept the quest I'm going to work on next. That way you can just click the quest log button to see the ones that you're doing so you don't have to dodge through all the !'s


This hasn't been a problem for me yet, but I'm sure it will be eventually. Let's get rid of it!


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Yes, there's no reason not to get rid of it, and some people have presented reasons why we should get rid of it... So it would have no negative effects and possibly a positive effect.


Just get rid of it. No point in it being there really. Why is there even a discussion?


There are plenty of players that don't do low XP/low money quests but instead of it they do best XP jobs and/or are simply dueling 24/7. So they should be rewarded for not doing quests? I disagree. If you do quests regularily, you won't even know that there is a cap. Besides, there are not so many quests in this game at all. If there were thousands of quests, then I'd bless the cap removal. But...

Put my vote against this idea.
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I definitely want this.

There must be a reason why there is a limit though, or why else would they do it to us? :p

If you do quests regularily, you won't even know that there is a cap. Besides, there are not so many quests in this game at all.
Very untrue. On world 12 I rolled an adventurer and have been doing all the quests I was able to do. However, a lot of quests I can't do yet and now I got 5 more quests all at once for the adventurer storyline. My Quest book was already full with quests for jobs I couldn't do yet, well before I got these 5 new quests on top of it.
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I still can't agree. I'm also adventurer on w12 and I saw this cap only when easter quests were in the game (4 of them available in the same time). As soon as easter quests were gone (solved) the cap was no problem at all.
Thus I believe that quests cap exists as a balancing issue unlike level cap which is not logical at all.
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