Remove this from the fair !!!

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Ive just spent 3k bonds on the fair trying to collect the collector cards.. i got like 3 new ones .. and like 5 same ones.. but ive got like 50 new strengthening buffs. i went on trying to get the collector cards when both of them were in the uncommon.. and their still super rare ... for no reason. remove the strengthening buffs and put something else for real.. their useless!!


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After recently learning that InnoGames do in fact have different droprates for items within the same "loot box" category, I wouldn't be surprised if this extended to the Travelling fair too.

Which I obviously believe to be an immoral practise in videogame gambling.


if your seeing this inno.. UPDATE THE FAIR!! fix the drops.. remove the crappy ones..


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Yea well the thing is though, they have waaay too many things that are amassed in many years to fix, with a very small team which has very low amount of time.


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At the VERY least, have this stuff salable to the traveling salesman so we can empty the clutter from our closet...


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yeah , all the stuff from the travelling fair is trash ....
you can saveHP potion , Energy potion and bonds... the rest is updated , it really need some tweaks because is a good idea!


update on the fair.. so i finished the tarot cards collection.. and i just got another card.. their not auctionable why? if i wanted to help a townie to complete collection.. why arent the collector cards in the fair not auctionable?


I also think it has to be updated and in the adventures also improve the items, because they are also outdated.


collector cards are auctionable... everyone of them are but the fair ones!

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"Remove this from the fair !!!"

There, I fixed it for you. But jokes aside. What's the point of the fairs? There are already the events every 2 to 3 month and the travelling fair drops are bad anyway.