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Hi, I used to play this game back in 2010, now I would like to come back and have so fun. I played on Italian server these days, so my character was a low level one (something about 55), now I'm here since it seems more populated. Anyway, I noticed that it's all about sets now, and builds don't really matter that much, so I have some questions:

1) So, how can one get some of these sets? I mean, I know many of them are from annual events, but still, I noticed that even low level players had clothes and stuff much more powerful than mine, like my build was range duelling, yet I was being beaten by almost everyone in duels, even workers, who were just wearing stuff with really high bonuses, comparing to myself. I know you can buy some chests and pieces of sets on market, but prices are too high for a beginner, so I had to go around wearing the greenhorn set + some dropped and weak items. What should I really do to be somehow competitive since low levels, to be able to duel people, or being useful in FF, or whatever. Not asking about builds, but a strategy. Or should I avoid joining a town at low levels, just spam jobs to make $$$ and xp, and then maybe buy something?

2) Which world should I join? I am kinda scared to join old worlds, where everybody got so much stuff done, so I would be feeling kind of useless. OTOH, I want to play on an active world, where FF happen, and more than 20-30 people are online on chat. I saw Montana is the newest world, but really not populated, so give me an advice here

3) I know it's not that much about builds, but which skills are required to have decent jobs to start, and grow up fast? Back in the day it was about trapper (high xp jobs) or trader (to drop items, but now they seems kinda useless), did it change? Later in the game I would reskill into something else, so no problem here

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There are a lot of good folks in old worlds like Arizona and Colorado that offer players a lot of help with sets to level up fast.

Newer worlds tend to have fewer players but they are still friendly and helpful. Levels in those worlds are lower too so with some grinding you could catch up with them faster than in older worlds. However fort fights are with fewer numbers than in older worlds, exception being Montana as the newest world.

Usually the next world opens in october, that's when the previous new world dies out.

Older worlds like Arizona and Colorado are more stable since they have lasted for a decade whilst newer worlds die after the next new world opens.