I was thinking about, if there could be maded some Referrals links, to recruite friends or something, and earn maybe 10 $ every time they get 100 $ and 10 $ for their registration to the game...

But it´s just a ideá...

master warrior

there is a post just down the page on this and have you seen the price of some things later on in the game people are maing well over a $100 so i doubt that will get picked or we will all be rich


I reckon This would be better,

For every referal you get $10- $20,

If they get Premnium Bonuses For every week they do that you get $50 - $70,

If they last on the game for more than 6 months and become in the top 100 You get $100 Every 2 months as long as they are in the top 100.

And if they get in the top 10 every 6 months you get $250.

:DThat seems a pretty fair system to me.:indian:


I don't like it. People would start making multiple accounts on the same worlds (which is against the rules or something) for free money. It isn't a lot of money for 6 months, but if people start making tons of e-mails and yea... it would probably become a mess...

Also, Jordon, if your idea worked, then they would make more money from being in ranks 11-100 because for one 100$ every 2 months for 6 months = 300$, and 300 > 250... so yea... lol strive to be worse than 10 other people!!!!


Was there any need to necro this thread just to say you don't like it? 3 Months old FFS