Red Pill boat jumpers

Tucker Blue

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Listen, i get it. You read your first red pill pamphlet and watched a couple central banking and 9/11 conspiracy videos on youtube, you got all excited about thinking you figured it out but you haven't figured out anything. Especially if you use the word "awake" or "wake" or "awoke". Those people are dead. If you don't know what i'm talking about which is all of you i'll presume and i'm probably correct, you haven't even stuck your hand in the rabbit hole let alone jumped down it. Step 1 is watch the video below. That is part 1 of 3. The other two parts are still up and are by the same user, baddogit.

Then once you're done watching those, visit Mark's own channel for lessons on everything from preparing your Claim Of Life to running a lawful business without a license to creating your own lawful I.D. card.

Prepare to begin living.
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