Hi, LEGION II is recruiting active members of low, mid, or high levels of all classes.

All of our buildings are at the highest level possible for great gear as well as buying and posting in the market.

We have plenty of Town treasury saved up for if the development team add any new building.

We will be friendly and helpfull to those in need of assistance.

If you aren't much for talking we won't bug you. Just let us know if you ever need anything and that'll work for us.

We have a lot of allies being we are members of -FoM- ~ Federation of Marshals ~

We also have plenty of people to fight being we are a PROUD MEMBER of The
~ Federation of Marshals ~

We are excited to have the poker being added to the game.

We have a very nice fort as well.

We are located East of the middle of the map in some very nice territory.

Contact Dragunov or DankORiley for more information or invites.
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