Recommended World(s) ?

Joe Kidd

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wait, what? did you even read any of my posts? or did you read only what you assume you understand and like to reply to? :lol:
I replied to the entirety of your last post with five clear, non-wordy responses.

did you once try to see things from a different perspective than yours? just once. or are you one of those geniuses that think everyone is crazy and stupid and you're the "frontier psychiatrist".
Yes I did (see last response). Ah so you do actually play on Houston and are happy to reveal my toon name there, but conveniently keep your own a secret. By the way, I always get a chuckle out of people like yourself that make this jab about that toon name, "Frontier Psychiatrist", like I'm trying to be some kind of smart ass. It's the title of a song by the Avalanches. There's a pair of cowboys dueling in the video. That's why I chose the name. If you read any other meaning into it, that's an "Iss-you", not an "iss-me".

EDIT: Interesting, you just started your toon it seems on Houston @ Level 4 as of this post. you've either been lurking, or you don't engage there, or left at some point, and I'm the one not being involved properly.

I'll give you some good news Beef or whoever you were Houston before that, I've slowly moved over to DE recently:
  • Better, more active worlds.
  • Nice, easy-going people.
  • Much more engaging and excellent forum content.

I'll probably leave EN for good as it is, in general, awful except for those few decent people that remain from the earlier eras of the game circa 2009 and on. I do want to continue working on the Western Post here but it's unclear what the status of that is with the new CM. The German servers have a very robust newsletter so I know I can contribute there in that way.

If you care to respond at all please whisper me on Houston. I'm not going to burden this thread any longer unless you continue to provoke me to do so.
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