Real Recommended World!


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Sadly you have many wrong points/lack of infos but it's taking too long to answer all that and it's pointless.
So let's agree to disagree.

Though, idk who even said this topic was for "newbies" and for newbies alone?!
Like we really have any/many newbies, let alone visiting Forum.


Colorado its the World to play, maybe Arizona too, all the dead world like Juarez and Idaho , now are buried to the ground, Idaho its 30 vs 30 at FF, possible at the end of this year will be 15 vs 15. Juarez can not fill a medium fort and in 1 year will become just like Idaho.
And Kansas, well players like to play below 30 rounds at every fort battle and the amount of nuggets that was spent in Kansas was atrocious :-)) , anyway Kansas have his own grave starting with October 2021.