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Ready the Troops video every time I view the cinema? No thanks!

Red Falcon

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Idea title: Choose your cinema video!
Details of idea:
Hi, everyone! Long time no see. At last, I make a return-trip to these old forums.

Are you tired of seeing the same old single film in the cinema EVERY time you head over there to watch one? Perhaps you need an extra bond. Or perhaps you're trying to win the associated achievement. Well, no matter whatever the reason is, I want Forge of Empires Gameplay UK!! Every. Single. Time. I watch a video in their cinema, and all I see is Ready The Troops. And this is every. Single. Time. I see Ready The Troops. Over. And over. AND OVER!! I'm sick of seeing this nonsense over and over again!! (-_-) Give me Forge of Empires Gameplay UK or give me Death! Heck, I'll even settle on one or both of The West Gameplay Videos. A man like me doesn't ask for much. Better yet, why not give us the capability to select a video we'd like to see in the cinema? They could select between say, 3 different videos. This would especially help make those daily 'The town's newest technology' quests a lot less daunting.

...Especially not in the wake of the Covid-19 Crisis. So, please humor me.
Visual Aid: Optional, only add if necessary to convey the idea. There is none for this idea.
Reasons for submitting: Why not? Having this in place would not only create a little extra variety in the cinema, but also give players the ability to decide which 'gameplay trailer' they'd like to see from say...Three different choices.
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Red Falcon

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Uhh...Bump? Unless you guys have some kind of ideas form I should have filled out a while back for this one here? It's been a long time since I've made use of these forums, therefore, please forgive me for seeming out of touch. Also, I think this is actually a minor idea. I'm not sure if it needs formatting or not.