Rare items are not.


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Eye! :p

I wish it was the only obsolete box thou.. Wooden box etc etc so many of those that don't belong to the OP Tombola, gamble simulator era!

All should be removed from the game completely..


Remove Steel lined boxes and Potions from the events. I don't even bother trying for the 48K spins, because
the chances of getting junk is high. Just not worth it for me.

Rowdy Tcat

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Steel lined box, Loot chest and the Very rare Okt chest need to be put in Uncommon and replaced with ACTUAL rare items.

My last 5 blue category prizes contained:
2 iron clad boxes (completely useless)
1 loot chest (8 hour drop rate bonus........but i have 81 Ratts with Fish.....so again, completely useless)
Very Rare Okt chest with a Seminole's Axe (completely useless, will sell for $3750 to mobile trader)

i got a duplicate Baker Apron from 5th.

36000 pretzels used for crap that i couldn't even sell for more than 20k!!!!!!

WHY ARE THESE THINGS IN THE RARE CATEGORY???????????????????????? yep i AM pissed.
Please tell me this problem is solved. If a game company wants love they need to give the love. It's not the other way around.