Just wonder to know how does the Ranking works, that's Kansas.

Here I am having more damage dealt, shots and dodges taken than they guy in rank 71. However, his rank is still higher. Any ideas?

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I believe your score is usually calculated by damage / 200 + (hits taken + dodges)

However - for Adventurer classes that formula is damage / 200 + (hits taken + dodges) * 1.75 to reflect their intended role in battle and not punish them for lacking damage (and ghosting instead of dodging, which the game doesn't track I think) in the rankings.
Big14 will be an advent.
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Heh, soon enough (when they get their Sets in xmas) Damagers will overcome all Ranks like in all servers.
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a hit provide a sniper 4-5 point meanwhile a tank get 1 top!
Dodges and hit count as one....

that mean that a sniper will get 300% more point than a tank... on everage!
Fast calculation of probability ... it is pobably wrong... but still is severely biased toward sniper!