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Possibility for a job to drop double product.
In crafting you have sometimes chance to craft 2 products at one, would like to introduce to jobs as well.

The occurance will be totally random, not depending on anything at all. The chance of this happening will be small of course, in terms of percentage, not more that 5%

Further added explanation
The chance to drop double the amount of products as you would normally drop is introduced in the game very much like the exceptional crafting result. You can't influence it, it's random. It has NOTHING to do with the product drop rate, silver or golden jobs, simply each time your job decides to drop a products, a random method is run to check if it doubles that product count.

Which means that if the job drops 2 products because of golden rim or premium feature...if the double drop chance is called for that particular drop, you'll get 2 x 2 = 4 products. That's an extreme case of course, the most you'll see is 1x2 = 2 product drops.

The random double product chance is no more that 5% for each job. Of course it does only makes sense to check for this double modifier if the job drops a product.

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Chance of a job dropping double the amount of products.

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As some jobs already drop 2 products in one set, there's no harm in a diminishing percentage for an extraordinary drop from any other job. I'll go along with it.

If Chase Away Highwaymen has a drop of 2 per job for every other job set,
maybe Ambush could drop an extra 1 fancy jewelry for every 25 or 50 or 75 jobs set.
Equal percentages same to all. Even playing field.


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Well done.

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