R U 150 ranking?


I like new quests but the rewards are pretty awful for players of 150 rankings.

Take the new quest incredible journey very little money, running around a lot and x/p rewards, what is the use of x/p points to 150 ranking.
In the end the money doesn't add up, I spend more buying clothing items to complete quest parts ( green fringe scarf etc) than I receive in total quest monies.

Come guys get yer finger out !!!



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I believe this is the wrong sub-forum for this post, but yes, the rewards for this particular quest, and every other quest that's come out in the last 6 months have been trash. Unfortunately, players don't really treat the Beta as a test server, so this kind of feedback doesn't happen until the quests are released on real servers, and by then it's too late to change it.

Speaking of feedback, can you be more specific on what type of changes you'd like to quest rewards? Simply saying something like "more of this / less of that" isn't helpful to the developers.

On the other side of the coin, no one is forcing you to do these quests. We try to publish the rewards on the wiki before they are released, so you can check if it's worth completing for you or not. (Spoiler: they probably aren't, no matter what the reward is, unless you just like achievements)

As for making money, I've seen someone making >200k from selling items from their town stores, needed in the Incredible journey quest, on the market. So you just gotta be a lil bit innovative. #FeelsIceMan


yeah for all that investment in crafted and regular items I expected at least a skill point or a novelty item. I don't think this need feedback, simple foresight and asking yourself "would I be happy with this reward" should do the trick.