Quests with AP/SP Rewards


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I decided to update my list from here to add the new quests and class quests. The quests shown are the one with the AP/SP reward and every other quest that must be done in the group before you get to that one.

As always, please PM me with any errors or omissions.

Regular quests [7 AP, 16 SP]
The 3 SP for Introduction should be ignore for any calculation of max SP, which always begins with calculating 1 AP and 3 SP per level. The 3 SP are in place of the 3 SP you would have gotten for level 1.

Introduction ("Introduction"): [Level 1] Duel
Introduction ("Tobacco shortage"): 1 tobacco - +1 SP
Introduction ("Scare away crows"): Scare birds off the field (10 mins) - +2 SP

Fire heart ("Tobacco"): [Level 5] 4 tobacco
Fire heart ("Raven feather"): 1 raven feather
Fire heart ("Beans"): 3 beans
Fire heart ("Sugar"): 5 sugar
Fire heart ("Turkey"): 1 turkey
Fire heart ("The last ingredient"): free - +4 SP (health)

The cattle herd ("Repair fences"): [Level 8] 1 hammer - +1 SP (repairing)

Clothes make the man ("Roll of cloth"): [Level 27] 1 roll of cloth
Clothes make the man ("Buttons"): 1 horn of a cow
Clothes make the man ("Brooch"): 1 roll with wire - +2 SP (FMS)

Angel of Love ("Mike and Jenny"): [Level 30] 4 hours trading
Angel of Love ("Love with obstacles"): 1 trout, 1 gemstones
Angel of Love ("And after the love comes..."): free
Angel of Love ("War of roses"): 2 hours building coffins
Angel of Love ("Tomorrow's widow"): duel - +1 AP (charisma)

The great journey ("Help a tribe"): [Level 35] 10 wood, 8 hours sawing wood
The great journey ("Prepare horses for the journey"): 8 hours shoeing horses
The great journey ("Need for food"): 7 salmon, 10 berries, 5 warm meals
The great journey ("Water is waiting..."): 10 glass of water, 5 jug
The great journey ("Has anyone seen a buffalo?"): 4 hours exploration
The great journey ("Hunt among friends"): 2 hours hunting buffalo - +1 AP (dexterity)

Paths of communication ("Information is often worth more than gold"): 5 roll with wire
Paths of communication ("When the postman rings once"): 10 hours catching horses
Paths of communication ("When the postman rings twice"): 2 saddle
Paths of communication ("When the postman rings three times"): 8 hours repairing a covered wagon
Paths of communication ("When the postman rings for the last time"): 10 hours guarding stagecoach - +1 AP (mobility)

Henry Walker's Special ("Flavor diversity"): [Level 42] 5 berries, 4 glasses of water, 3 sugar
Henry Walker's Special ("The salt in the soup"): 1 cigars
Henry Walker's Special ("Filtering booze"): 1 coal - +3 SP (toughness)

The railroad's journey of conquest ("Watch the train"): [level 45] 8 hours laying railroad tracks
The railroad's journey of conquest ("A railroad station for the town"): 8 hours building railroad station
The railroad's journey of conquest ("Save the animals"): 10 wood
The railroad's journey of conquest ("No trespassing"): $2500, 10 hours peace negotiations
Decision 1: The railroad's journey of conquest ("Money on wheels"): 10 hours ambush - 2 SP (appearance)
Decision 2: The railroad's journey of conquest ("Protect the citizens"): 10 hours chasing bandits - 1 AP (charisma)

Kate's wedding band ("The thief"): [Level 46] duel
Kate's wedding band ("Silver mining"): 5 silver
Kate's wedding band ("The dealer"): duel
Kate's wedding band ("The unknown thief"): +2 AP (strength or charisma)

Treasure hunt ("A strange letter"): [Level 47] 2 trout
Treasure hunt ("Old tree"): 1 tool box
Treasure hunt ("At the waterfall"): 1 map
Treasure hunt ("Danger"): 1 trophy
Treasure hunt ("The treasure"): 2 spades
Treasure hunt ("Bonfire"): 2 turkeys - +3 SP (appearance)

The raid: each path has a total of 1 AP and 3 SP, but I'm not going to list all of the requirements.

Seasonal Quests [2 AP, 4 SP]
There's no guarantee any of these will be available this year, although Fire wood was available in 2008 and 2009.

April ("The repair"): [April, Level 37] 1 hammer
[noparse]April ("Covered wagon:): 3 hours repairing a covered wagon[/noparse]
April ("Digging!"): 9 hours building irrigation system - +1 SP (construction)

Little Things ("Fire wood"): [December] 4 wood, 3 hours cutting trees - +1 SP (vigor)

Little Things ("Easter"): [Easter] 30 minutes scaring birds off the field - +1 SP (hiding)

Thanksgiving ("Thanksgiving I"): 3 berries, 6 oranges, 4 corn
Thanksgiving ("Thanksgiving II"): 10 hours laying railroad tracks
Thanksgiving ("Thanksgiving III"):10 turkey - +1 AP (charisma)

Christmas ("O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!"): [December] 1 wood
Christmas ("Where did I put my candles?"): 2 hours digging graves
Christmas ("What is it that smells so good here?"): 3 flour, 2 hours harvesting fields
Christmas ("Decorations for the tree"): 1 gemstones, 2 fool's gold
Christmas ("What's that strange smell?"): 2 oranges, 5 tobacco - +1 SP (stamina)

The last two quests aren't required for this one:
Christmas ("The Christmas Star"): 10 hours treasure hunt - +1 AP (strength)

Class Quests [Varies by class]
Like The raid, there's too much to list here, so I'm just listing the total AP and SP for each class.

Adventurer: 15 SP + 5 SP or 1 AP
Dueler: 2 AP, 5 SP + 5 SP or 1 AP
Soldier: 1 AP, 10 SP
Worker: 2 AP, 8 SP + 0 or 2 SP

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