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Ask; Are scripts allowed, and if so, which ones?

Unfortunately I was banned because of tools, scripts or something similar.

In the forum here I see some like Clothcache or

I have installed this:

Fabric cache

The West Duel Cloth Calc

Reloaded TW inventory.

What is causing me not to be unblocked?

I don't speak English and use Google translate.

I would like to apologize and don't want to start a discussion here but rather ask for help. From the answer from support I have to uninstall all scripts in order to possibly be unblocked.
My question is, why am I not allowed to use the scripts mentioned above if they are recommended in the forum?
If it's just the scripts, I'll play without them. But it won't be fun, unfortunately.
I would be happy if a player or supporter could help me or support me so that I can stay compliant with the rules.
Thanks in advance.


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In 2024 it shouldn't even be necessary to use scripts, the game could already be much improved to the point where it wouldn't be necessary and an app for the cell phone wouldn't cost anything either, it's simply ridiculous how much they don't care when they would benefit the most in terms of profit from new players


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No scripts are allowed, please read the game rules.
Some Non Automation script may be tolerated.

We do not discuss game sanctions on forum for that please refer to the support, if you haven`t done it allready!
You have not been banned for cloth`s script this i can tell you for sure.
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