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Kate's wedding band (The unknown thief)

Sheriff John Fitzburn: I'm worried. Kate Simmons was attacked last night. She came out of the saloon with 200 dollars in her pocket when she was struck in the head from behind. When she woke up her money was gone. The worst is that the attacker also took her wedding band. That's the second time this week that someone helpless got attacked.
William Goldberger was attacked 3 days ago. He also came out of the saloon at 7 pm and got hit over the head. Just the same as with Kate, and he also had over 200 dollars in his pockets.
Sadly, we are absolutely clueless as to who did it. He didn't say a single word and no one has seen him. I've controlled all the men that walked the town at night for the last 2 days, but no one was carrying a club! I'm desperate.
Hint: You have information about the thief, so there is only one thing you can do: You have to get into the position to make the thief attack you. Try to act like Kate or William. Another ring won't help you finish this quest.

Target: Find Kate's ring

Requires: Reward: Kate's ring 0/1

+ 800 Experience points

In addition you can select one for those reward options:
+ 2 attribute points towards Charisma

+ 2 attribute points towards Strength

Accept quest Complete quest Cancel quest

Hi all i was wondering if anyone could help on this Quest, what do i need to do.


The whole solution, click the spoiler button:

First part of the quest you have to be doing nothing at 7pm in-game time and have 200$ EXACTLY on you and have NO weapon.

After 7pm - click on the saloon and look for a new quest from the Sheriff.

You have 20 minutes to defeat the Thief in a duel with NO weapon. He is very easy and does very little damage, so you can try many times until you complete it if needed.

You get 1200$ and 600 XP for completing that part of the quest.

Then you need (5) Silver from Silver Mining.

After you have 5 silver you have to wait until Wednesday ... then remove your weapon and check the Saloon for the "Defeat Dealer" Quest which is pretty easy.

Note that you must keep the 5 Silver until after you Defeat the Dealer, and I don't know if it can be anytime on Wednesday (I think) or if you should just keep looking for the quest randomly during the day. (It showed up for me minutes after midnight in-game time.)

You get Kates Ring from the Dealer and can then turn in the quest to get +2 Charisma or +2 Strength - you have to choose.
Just an additional note: The dealer duel part - it can be done anytime on wednesday (server time).

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FYI, the beta, followed by the German worlds, are the first ones to get the latest quests. All English worlds have the same quest-lines. This particular thread is more suited to the Questions & Guidelines Forum than this one.

PS, we should probably have sticky of Murder and Hernando's and Wedding Ring Quests in the new forum.


Has anyone tried this on any other day than Wednesdays? I've tried every day of the week except wednesday's, have all the requirements and can't seem to get the duel option.


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I'll put the response in spoiler tags, seeing as this isn't the Quest Discussion forum.

The quest entitled, "The dealer" can only be completed on a Wednesday. Any other day won't work for that particular one.