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can any one help me on the quest Black headband where do I find one? Is there a job that I can do to find one:)


You can't rely on jobs to find items unless you have no choice, e.g. walking stick and note part 1. Go to West Stats' Town Trader, select your world in the upper right corner, and click Item Search.


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There is no job that you can do that will specifically give you the Black headband. You've got a chance of finding an item on just about any job you work at, depending on your luck.

The easiest way to acquire it would be to buy it from a Tailor shop in a town. If you are a citizen of that town and it's an item that's for sale at the Tailor, it's only $18. However, if you're not a member of a town or need to buy it from a town you don't belong to, plan on paying $72 for it.