Quest - Field Cook Training 1


I have to make this job but i can't understand anything. what is the workshop in this game? and what is look like? where is the field cook training 2???

from the barkeeper henry, the job is:

Field Cook Training 1

Now is the time to get acquainted with your mentor. The Master Field Cook is a real gourmet and set up a shop where he produces and delivers the finest delicacies the West has ever seen
Hint: You can find the workshop in the south center of the map.
- Resolve: Field Cook training 2 (Mentor)


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Just as the hint says, there is a quest giver(workshop) at south center of the map. These quests are extremely easy so you shouldnt have a problem completing it.


Every quest giver's location is clear from the text of the quest that sends you there, you just have to read it.


sorry boys, apologizes... i misundertanded the "south center of the map". i have look in may part of the map (one of 14 pieces)
thank you all so much :)

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u guys lie

the txt does not tell where the workshop is. i've been to every quest giver in the south center of the map
. no where can u do the quest:mad: the workshop is south west of center of map
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I have the same problem. I can't find this workshop/ quest giver nowhere on the map. I literally have looked everywhere. i've checked every questgivers, and they all are locked.
also, i have a problem with another quest, i cannot locate Gui- Kate of the Maya Roalstad Love note quest anywhere. When i click on the mini map, neither of these locations are there.
Any help please?


I am in the Houston world and also cannot find the field cook training, level 1. I have looked everywhere and also googled and searched all the website info for help but no info is there at all on this. Please help!


My problem was eventually resolved. So (when everything works ok) you are supposed to see these yellow exclamation points on the mini map.
When you open it, you find all these segments of the whole map- click on all of them until you will find the exclamation mark. So don't just search for it on your segment of the map. Then click on it, and it will take you to the location.


Thank you! I found the field cook training - mastery workshop - in county 10 of the Houston world :D my town is in county 14, so it was a really long walk though!