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I've completed QID 511 "Journey into the Unknown" http://tw-db.info/?strana=quest&serie=qs_55. The search locations (cave, rubble, river, clearing) are showing on my minimap and in the locations' popups

I have all the required products and crafted/found 'specials', but whenever I visit one of the locations (with relevant item equipped, natch) I get no quest giver from the popup. Is this another example of changed requirements since the big equipment patch a couple of weeks ago, a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Help appreciated; TIA


Done, tks

Sorted: forgot all about the map! *blush*

Sorted: forgot all about the map! *blush*
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Bobs Bashers

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It smells like a Treasure

I am nearly at the end, but for the past 2 days I have been felling trees for 12 by 1 hour jobs, over and over. I do have equipped Gold Dust. But I can not get the Hollowed out tree trunk to drop.

I have looked everywhere and read, re read all I can.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS, the Valentines hearts, I hear you need 180,000 hearts to complete, I gave this quest all I had, even bought the 2500 hearts bag that gives you 2500 hearts every 24 hours, plus the 1250 every 12 hours you get given. Working my bullocks of getting hearts every other way, including the wheel of win nothing. I currently have 69,073 hearts well short of the 180,000 and no hope of even getting close before the end date.


Well, lets do some number crunching:

100 friends maximum, each sending 20 hearts exactly every 24 hours (w/o missing a second!) = 2000 per day
1250 twice = 2500 per day
2500 once = 2500 per day
--> 7000 per day from 'external' sources

Start was Feb 12, end is March 2 = 18.5 days

So with everything working on your side, you could expect 129,500

OK, so you have to find 50,500 hearts some other way. For arguments sake, say you get 300 an hour from working (dunno, might be 350). So call it 10 hours per day, that's an extra 3000 from jobs, times 18.5 days gives you another 55,500.

So yeah, it's doable, but only just. EVERYTHING has to work out for you just right.

Figure you need to be at 10,000 per day to keep up. Event's been running for 10 days now, you need 100K, sounds like you'll never catch up at this point w/o using nuggets!

Good luck!

(Oh, for comparison, I'm at 88K hearts, so yeah, I'll probably never get the set either...)

Bobs Bashers

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Yes well I will get close but thats what usually happens, get close each time and just miss out lol.

Wow 32 hours of felling trees to get the Hollowed Out Tree Trunk. that must be close to a record.

Good news is finished the quest at last lol.
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Maybe try 32 x 15sec first or after doing a couple of 1hr jobs.
I sometimes get the impression a certain amount of quantity in doing the required job is more important than time or a combination of both.
I am sure those that have studied this concept in a more scientific way will be able to add to the discussion.

Big John1970

I have found that - when looking for quest-drops from a job - it is always better to do 15s jobs rather than 1H jobs. Not only do you get the item SO much faster, but I honestly do not believe that the LENGTH of the job has any relevance whatsoever. (And I have done a lot of quest-drops in my time.)


Duration generally doesn't have an effect on the percentage chance of obtaining a quest drop.