Pure swimmer, when to swap?


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I'm a pure swimmer lvl 8, and able to raft wood. Is it wise to continue going pure swimmer until the paddlesteamer, or should I make a swap. If so, in what direction?


I wouldn't do more swimming now that you have rafting wood. I'd probably start doing leadership as it will get you paddle steamer just as quick and is more flexible.


Be done with swimming as soon as possible! That is one of the poorer builds in the game, so I would follow aznxasazn's advice and make the switch now.

George Hurst

What I did was kept pure Mob, but all SP in Hiding. Then once you have done Waupee's grandfathers quest, you can start to respec the swimming to hiding too (you will still have rafting wood thanks to the AP in Mob). That is quite an expensive option though, and I don't recommend it to anybody who is a member of a growing town that needs money.

There are several good options, but I definitely wouldn't keep adding swimming, there are just not enough other good jobs to keep you going now, and paddlesteamer is a long way off. Try looking on weststats and see what jobs there are that require Mob or swimming, that you look forward to in the future, and what skills are used most often in them.