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Once you are there, just drag items from your inventory to the store inventory, and it will ask you if you want to sell.
Depending on the browser. Some require you to drag, some, like Firefox, require you to click.

There's also a signpost button in every store in every town, or you can schedule sleep. If it's your town, it's advisable that you sleep anyway when selling a lot of items and sitting idly in town with cash.

One thing though, be careful what you sell. Don't sell products you need for future Quests. There's also no reason to ever sell anything unless you need the cash right away. Unneeded items and products are your savings. Also The West Insider can tell you what items you can sell, but the quest advice above takes precedence over TWI's advice.


Hey, I made a pure builder up to level 10.
Now my question is, when I have that respec quest at level 14, will I be able to change my job, not only skills, because it seems to me I won't have much fun building a city. Also, later will I be able to respec again somehow?


I was thinking, how about mixed builds ? for example Hider/Appereance. Would that be any good ?


I need help. What should I do im pure leadership level 9 and Im having second thoughts like dueler or something can anyone help me?


I want to thank George Hurst and Kaschei for their pointers on using swimming to kickstart a hider. It worked out even better then I had expected on world 11!


Sweet! Thanks so much.

I'm a total noob in this game, but I love to crunch the numbers behind mechanics in all games I play. I took your spreadhseet and flattened it into a single table to help me compare the options.

It's here, in case anyone else wants to look at it:

Pure means you put all your Attribute Points into one attribute and all your Skill Points into one skill. If you are a dueler or soldier then pure means putting all your AP and SP into dueling skills. As a fighter class usually all your AP should go into one attribute instead of scattered around.

Benefits of being pure (non-fighter) is that you get access to high cash and high experience jobs quickly. You have a choice to make with the allocation of your points that will determine the rest of your game playing experience. You can be good at questing, you can be good at dueling, or you can be good at making cash and experience. Rarely can you be good at 2 of these, let alone all 3 of these. You will earn far more cash and experience working jobs and even dueling at times than you will completing the quests.

Thought I'd throw some guides up for a few pure builds since people were asking for them. These guides are literally for 'pure' builds. Pure means you put all your Attribute Points (AP) into one specific attribute and all your Skill Points (SP) into one specific skill. I only did a few. There are far more skills you can specialize to become pure in, especially in the Adventurer class.

The level you can reach each job is listed. This is the level you can do these jobs without any gear. In reality, especially after level 20, you will be able to do these jobs much faster once you buy clothing with beneficial buffs. All jobs sorted by character level. Big thanks to Elmyr for the spreadsheet.

Due to the problems Imageshack has had lately in hosting some of the images I previously posted I am providing a link to a Gdocs spreadsheet. All Pure Specs are provided. Enjoy.

$ = money, Star = experience, ? = luck, ! = danger, D = Difficulty, L = Character Level

Popular pure class builds are:

Pure Builds Simplified by Tim. Click http://forum.the-west.net/showthread.php?t=25787

Note: I do not recommend anyone go pure Shooting or Vigor if you are going to be an active soldier/dueler right away. If you are going to duel you need all the other dueling skills as well. This is only an example of jobs you can get and when you can get them if you did go 'pure' in the skill that fits your weapon.


You don't make the rules in this thread. Having played both, I'm more satisfied with my pure hider as a better defensive dueler than a pure shooter.
Without looking at the date of this post before hand I have a sneaking suspicion I'm digging up a long dead post. But we'll see.

Elmyr, I do not think you make the rules for this post either. However, with that said, the person was simply trying to say that no matter what path you take, a dueling adventurer in this case will lose every time. So discussing this is a moot point. read: stick to things that matter. finding items, earning cash, and gaining experience. Hopefully, you can understand that.

Anyways, I think the best build is the build that lets you level up faster, from the bottom to the top. And since you're top rank currently on world 11, I think you're doing ok. Also noticed the full set / partial set you're wearing. Same items I am shooting for :) At least from the start. Later it will change.
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The problem of the guide is that most of the best builds are Hybrid.

Because you have to choose 2 skills.

1 to begin fast and shaman after :

Construction, Horse Riding, swimming or Animal instinct.

The core of the build :

Leadership, Setting traps, Hiding, shooting...

And the finishing skill

Leadership, shooting, Hiding, Tactics...
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