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  1. Denisero

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    Pure means you put all your Attribute Points into one attribute and all your Skill Points into one skill. If you are a dueler or soldier then pure means putting all your AP and SP into dueling skills. As a fighter class usually all your AP should go into one attribute instead of scattered around.

    Benefits of being pure (non-fighter) is that you get access to high cash and high experience jobs quickly. You have a choice to make with the allocation of your points that will determine the rest of your game playing experience. You can be good at questing, you can be good at dueling, or you can be good at making cash and experience. Rarely can you be good at 2 of these, let alone all 3 of these. You will earn far more cash and experience working jobs and even dueling at times than you will completing the quests.

    Thought I'd throw some guides up for a few pure builds since people were asking for them. These guides are literally for 'pure' builds. Pure means you put all your Attribute Points (AP) into one specific attribute and all your Skill Points (SP) into one specific skill. I only did a few. There are far more skills you can specialize to become pure in, especially in the Adventurer class.

    The level you can reach each job is listed. This is the level you can do these jobs without any gear. In reality, especially after level 20, you will be able to do these jobs much faster once you buy clothing with beneficial buffs. All jobs sorted by character level. Big thanks to Elmyr for the spreadsheet.

    Due to the problems Imageshack has had lately in hosting some of the images I previously posted I am providing a link to a Gdocs spreadsheet. All Pure Specs are provided. Enjoy.

    $ = money, Star = experience, ? = luck, ! = danger, D = Difficulty, L = Character Level

    Popular pure class builds are:

    Pure Builds Simplified by Tim. Click http://forum.the-west.net/showthread.php?t=25787

    Note: I do not recommend anyone go pure Shooting or Vigor if you are going to be an active soldier/dueler right away. If you are going to duel you need all the other dueling skills as well. This is only an example of jobs you can get and when you can get them if you did go 'pure' in the skill that fits your weapon.
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  2. zoanthid

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    Wow Denisero thank you so much for that guide I love it. I just made a pure builder char she is just lvl 12 now :)

    Edit: Thank you to Elmyr also
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  3. toyastokes

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    You don't have anything about the Adventure, who focuses on being a wanderer
  4. pi-man

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    Which stats are you talking about?
  5. shadow dragon

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    Sep 21, 2008
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    WOW, this is really good.
  6. Filipinoy78

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    Nice, where you get that information.. cause i need to generate my skills..
  7. good guide Denisero,this is VERY useful for any pures who need experience for fast level up and good items,im a pure hider in world 6 and getting to lvl 21
  8. anhlong1122

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    can i asked some, can a pure guy defend him self in a duel
  9. Dr.Drud

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    Depends a lot on what kind of pure skill you've chosen. Pure Hiding would give you 1 dodge per lvl, and you might be able to dodge your attacker completely. Pure Trader and you'd have 1 Tactics/lvl which might have the same effect (although you'd need to be very lucky). Pure Trapper would give you both 1 Aim and 1 Shooting per level and you might actually be able to win a couple of duels - especially if you later start putting point in shooting instead of trapping. Pure Vigor is obviously quite fine for duelling, and Pure Shooting even more so.
  10. pi-man

    pi-man Guest

    I have a pure tactics player, and I am seeing very little decrease in the damage that I am taking. Maybe 2-5 per hit, but that's all.
  11. mhshaik

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    very good info Denisero and Elmyr, appreciate the efforts taken.
    this will definitely help players to grow fast...
  12. MisterGadilf

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    Oct 16, 2008
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    You shouldn't see a decrease in the damage done - as that is determined by reflex / toughness depending on who you are duelling / being duelled by.

    You should however see an increase in the amount of misses against you where you obviously receive no damage..
  13. pi-man

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    Attack value

    The attack value is decided by your aiming skill.
    Either the attack value of the attacker or the attack value of the defender is lowered. With the skill 'tactics' the defender is able to use his home advantage. He chooses the side on which he stands and uses the knowledge of the town. The attacker uses his appearance to intimidate the defender. If the tactic skill of the defender is higher than the appearance skill of the attacker, the attackers attack value goes down. If it is lower, the attack value of the defender goes down. The bigger the difference between the skills, the more the attack value is lowered.
    Each player received a bonus of five to it's attack value. A player with the dueling premium account receives a bonus of ten.

    At the beginning, it says "The attack value is decided by your aiming skill." which isn't really helping me understand it.
  14. MisterGadilf

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    Oct 16, 2008
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    Aiming = how often you get hit, if at all.
    Shooting / vigor = how much damage CAN be done with a succesful hit.
    Reflex / toughness = lowers how much damage is received from a succesful hit.

    That's how I understand it anyway, with the appearance v tactic thrown in which affects aim / dodge.
  15. Elmyr

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    As pi-man and Dr. Drud said, pure hiding and pure tactics defend fairly well.

    Pure hiding defends better against firearms than melee, since you have the reflex too. Shooters will miss a lot and do little damage when they hit. Melee will miss a lot too, but hit a lot harder when they do hit.

    Pure tactics will defend very will. You won't do much return damage, with just the skills from your gear, but losses won't hurt much besides your pride.

    Pure shooters: As Dee said, not recommended to start. It's better to start pure trapper and switch and later respec the trapping. Very dangerous to hit, because they can do a lot of damage, especially once they've switched to shooting. You'll be very fragile, but beating you will be costly. They're also great for supplementing jobs with some casual dueling.

    Pure appearance: You'll get some defense from the tactics you get. They're hard to level at first until you start getting some good XP jobs, with evangelizing being the first. Before that, you'll rely on jobs you get from your leadership, animal instincts, and tactics. A good choice for a slow build fighter. Start pure charisma/appearance and switch to pure dexterity/shooting or pure strength/vigor. You'll eat soldiers that rely too much on their tactics for defense for lunch, unless they are very defensive oriented.

    Every attribute has at least one dueling skill, so you'll never be entirely defenseless. Just make sure to switch to your dueling gear when you can after scheduling your jobs.
  16. MisterGadilf

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    Oct 16, 2008
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    Personally I would go with dex/shoot as that will also give 1 aim per attribute as well...
  17. pi-man

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    I was challenging a NPC so for some reason I thought I would be using tactics. Silly me, so I have yet to reap the benefits of this...
  18. nakshtrap

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    good job denisero (yeah, just read it today)
  19. Tunk

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    Pure fine motor skills adventurer table would be nice aswell.
  20. nakshtrap

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    as well as for pure appearence or pure tactics which a lot of people choose