Pumpkin Hunt!

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    Howdy, pumpkin fans!

    Fall is slowly moving towards winter, but the pumpkin season is not over yet. The inhabitants of the Wild West remembered this when they suddenly began to harvest pumpkins, to hollow them out and carve them. From November, 21th until December, 3rd you will have the chance to find up to 40 of those pumpkins with a little luck while doing jobs on the map. Kindly enough, the Wild West people placed a small gift in each pumpkin which may make the everyday life in the prairie easier for you. So, keep your eyes open! However, in some pumpkins you will be able to find another, smaller pumpkins instead of a gift. For collecting three similar pumpkins, a new mysterious one-time quest will be unlocked in the saloon... . There are three quests available, one for each pumpkin type. The completion of all three quests will be rewarded with a achievement and a set item.

    Have fun and good luck! May the pumpkins be with you.
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