Products to Complete a Quest Step


The general concept is that you could purchase an item from the shops for either bonds or nuggets that would be a one use item and when used it would complete one current quest step for you.

Current Workaround
There is no work around that I am aware of at this point and time

There would be an item in the Union Pacific Shop, could be a potion, or a product similar to the motivation bag or tent. The product would be purchased with either bonds or nuggets. I would expect the cost to be about 500, but if it is deemed to be too useful, the price could be higher to prevent over use.

Once purchased when the product is used in the same fashion as a chest or bag, a button will appear with the quest giver. To prevent accidents you will have the [Complete Quest] button and beside it [Use Special to Complete], or similar wording. When clicked use special, that quest step is completed and the next one comes available.

Abuse Prevention
The only abuse I could see would be those who want to spend a lot of personal money to purchase several products and just not do any of the quests. As long as a price is placed high enough most of this would not become an issue. As well not all quests would be eligible for this product, such as the golden gun quest.

The product to complete a quest step would be beneficial to all players across the board. There are many times where due to time zones, and or interest of the players some of the quests can not be completed. For example I live in the US, and there are several quests that in order for me to complete I need to be up at 3 in the morning, which is not really possible for me. Or if you are into dueling and not fort fighting, then you will have a really hard time completing those quests where you have to knock some one out in the fort fight, or hold the flag. And the other side if you don't duel, then you will have a hard time completing those quests. This would allow you to skip that particular requirement.

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I like the idea, but would say no to it in the current form.

If I can't complete a specific duel-part (most likely one-hit KO for most) I have to either accept that I won't complete that quest, or respec, get better equipment and keep trying, same with fort-fight requirement, hold the flag is hard, and might require a lot of tries, but it can be done, even as offline attacker.

The place where I would like this implemented are for the quest that require a specific time of day, since 18.00 - 20.00 here is 02.00 - 04.00 elsewhere, and this device would be used to bypass the time of day requirement only, not a request for a specific day of the week or materials required and/or equipped.

So "Friday 18.00 to 22.00 with 50 Vodka in inventory and Golden Gun equipped" would be changed to "Friday 00.01 - 23.59 with 50 Vodka in inventory and Golden Gun equipped" by use of this device.

The rest of the quest requirements we have to work for :)


There are some achievements and quest NPCs which I struggle with and try my best over and over but if I could complete it using an item it just makes the game even more easier than it already is.


I hate to post here, but no to this idea. All quest lines are fairly easy as they are.


No. I feel like this will bring forth more unreasonable quest requirements also 500 is too much. server time requirement needs to die, not be paid to bypass.
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Or we could put a UP Shop Item with the name "Win The Game"!
Actually those quests are there for people to be playing with them.
The only thing is the time zone and there we might discuss the idea of making the quest times personal but that opens a new problem "Open Proxies". So I miss the time in Europe but then Log in from US proxy and do the thing!
So sorry but I would say No to this!