Product in Market are way Overpriced?


Hey guys and gals, is it just me, or the market on Arizona (and any other world) is just way to overpriced? I understand for named and very rare objects, but for sugar and beans etc. are ridiculous


I have a simple solution that I use (almost) every day: I don't buy overpriced products. But still, if the products are so easy to get, why don't you farm them yourself? You don't like doing the job? I doubt anyone just loves picking beans, but they have no use for the beans themselves so they put them on the market for the minimum.

Then there's the fact that people will pay stupid prices. Not for everything all the time, but occasionally someone who's desperate, in a hurry, or just feeling lazy will pay.

Some people who post for those prices just don't know what the products are worth, but there are different market philosophies as well. I like quick sales and don't want to ever have to post a single item more than once, even if it means smaller profits. Other people will post and repost many items for high prices and be happy and turn a profit if one in ten items or less sells.

Another reason to tolerate high prices is that it camouflages the good prices. If you have to wade through a lot of stupid prices to find a bargain, the bargain is more likely to still be there when you're looking. If everything was a bargain it would be gone very quickly after being posted.

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I have found that if you sell items at low prices on AZ or any other world then people will buy them and relist them. Just to kill off their competition.

I saw one guy selling Drakes Muzzle Loader for $20,000.. which baffled me as it didnt seem to be that high always.
So I had 2 on hand and I listed one for $16,000 and the guy selling his for $20,000 bought mine... with intentions of reselling it for $20,000 as well.

Right now fort supplies are in mass demand, so with demand the cost must be higher. But after all forts are built up the cost of these things will come down. So sell em while you have em.

Though beans is surprising I don't ever see a demand for those... is there a quest line that uses them other than in the beginning levels?


Though beans is surprising I don't ever see a demand for those... is there a quest line that uses them other than in the beginning levels?

I was using beans as an example for common items. I'm talking about crafting(which usually uses alot of items from boring jobs). I don't want to spend 1000$ for every product (lets say Iron).

No, i'm not the stupid people that will pay for the overpriced items haha!


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let's use your example, $1000 for an iron rod. it would seem overpriced (i, personally, would not pay that and would go iron mining myself), but consider its use: iron rods are used for crafting, to build forts and, if you are doing or planning to do charlie quest, you need a lot of iron rods (used to be 100 of them, now 50).

from that point of view, someone listing 10 iron rods for $10,000 may tempt a lot of potential buyers. it is overpriced, but also means that the buyer will free some time to get the other products they need (granite, wood, leather, cotton, coal, hammers are needed to craft ONE bayonet; to build a large fort, you need to get insane amounts of products, including 2,100 rolls of cloths and 1,575 hammers; and for a quest like charlie, you need 5 sledgehammers, 50 nails, 50 iron rods and 100 wood to advance to the next step). so, when you look at it from that perspective and you have the money, sometimes you feel stupid but you end up paying the stupid prices.


money, pfft, you can't take it with you...

...however when you've been spamming build windmills all week and have nothing to show for it, $3500 seems quite reasonable to pay just to see one in your inventory, to have it and hold oh my precious my precious i put my arms around it yes and drew it down to me yes heart going like mad and yes I said yes I will yes yes oh yes yes...

..then put it in the fort, 1 down 9 to go :(


OK, quick straw poll: Have you bought a named item on the market since 2.0? If yes, would you care to share what it was and what you paid?

Please, don't mock/flame/abuse anyone who is kind enough to answer. We want honesty here, not judgement.

I'm just trying to establish if there's actual market for these seemingly overpriced items. Are people actually buying these things at these prices? For example, nearly a million for Wyatt's Buntline?



I believe there's a market for overpriced things, not named items anymore because they are so common now