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Problem with some sets


Hi! soon will be may sale with Deputy Cheff set. And the main problem is - why it is not auctionable?
For example, western friday is auctionable, and a lot of no nugget players still were able to get it by rising their gaming activity (earning more money, trading, engaging in alliances). That makes it fair when every player can get unique stuff by easy or the hard way. But why make Deputy Chef and some others nugget sets not auctionable?

+ Making it auctionable will rise sales, rise competition and activity on servers.
- While making thouse set not auctionable only makes people envy and may cause negative emotions towards thouse who are exlusively priviliged to get it.

Please consider making Deputy Chef and other nugget sets auctionable, so that all players could compete for them.


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Would work better if they weren't upgradeable either like the Summer Spirits set but that scourge will stay with this game till it dies completely... :rolleyes:

Dr Roth

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The problem with chef is that its the rifle is useful for battles, so a person would be able to have a lot of multies, get daily login in bonus and get a level 3 without spending any real money.

Dr Roth

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not sure there is an official policy but it seems the expensive sets are sellable, hawaii, western friday, but the cheaper not. no idea why you can sell soccer fan though. the exception that defines the rule?


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No one use hawai anymore, that set its trash now, they just put the xp /luck set to be used, not a ff set (except trash lucile by now) its sellable.