Prisoner transport

Discussion in 'World 3' started by blairsp, Aug 3, 2011.

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  1. blairsp

    blairsp Guest

    is this job no longer available anywhere in world 3? I have it on my quests and have finally managed to get enough points to do it. But I can't find it in any of the sectors. Bug?
  2. Cryptical

    Cryptical Guest

    Just refresh the page, this happened to me on Colorado (different job).
  3. blairsp

    blairsp Guest

    thanks. Tried that - still nothing. No blue bandanas on world 12 either!
  4. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    Select your world, click your location on the map, click the type of item, click the item.
  5. blairsp

    blairsp Guest

    Thanks. Yes got the blue bandana(in world 12). Still can't find the transport prisoners job though in world 3
  6. Elmyr

    Elmyr Guest

    I cannot see a job on the map!! It doesn't exist!

    Transport prisoners is a fairly difficult job. If you can't see it at all, your best bet is probably to buy a shackle on the market.

    2x tactics, reflex, hiding, stamina, 438 difficulty.