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rice farmer

I doubt it, you would need a huge data set with which to mine reliable data and nobody has that kind of time on their hands. :p


And believers don't feel the need to test because they already *know* the effects, whereas non-believers cba to get the kind of data set you need.


Just because a small percentage of folk claim to have found an awesome item after praying 10 times before doing a job at a specific time on Sunday does nothing to contribute to proving that prayer works.

"that logic is Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc."


You get achievements for praying though, you get 10 exp for praying once :).

Just asked the mods

Hello Pete60,

Honest answer? No idea. The developers never told us, so we're all in the dark. The general "guess" is that it increases luck, thereby increasing the chance you will obtain items when performing jobs. However, there is no means to verify this, and thus the mystery remains -- "is there a god?"

(humor intended)


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... I'm assuming it must do something, just that no one knows what.
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Good Feather

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And the developer who wrote that was reassigned to another project and no one can decipher the church code of the game.

Some day archaeologist programmers will uncode the prayer function and they will be blessed to know what it does but as you may have seen in pulp fiction its just a glowing light at the end of the tunnel and ahhhhh "insert angels singing here".

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The light at the end of the tunnel is the headlamp of the oncoming train


That's a funny one.

Anyway, I remember once I had nothing to do (although I had something to do) and went to the church for 5 times straight then I went to shine some shoes and got a fancy brown shoes ( or whatever it is called that I am wearing)


Prayed @ a church level 10 with praying bonus 1=11 and then opened steel lined box and found an allen's pepperbox revolver :)


Opened a steel lined box without praying once and got Al Swearengen's eagle belt.


I use the principle of time , max motivation and high luck.(no praying)

For example my search times on the job grave robber is between 12 and 6 am , my motivation is always 100% at the start and my luck is at the max due to wearing full holiday set.

In a spate of a month I have found
1. Allens pepperbox
2. Calamity Janes Cartridge Belt
3. Calamity Jane's Cartridge Belt and 3rd key in one job value of drop 14250
4. Cheyennes Fur Pants
5. Drake's Muzzle Loader
6. Bowie's Knife

The only items that I had before was the fur pants. My old pepperbox i sold to get 2nd key, the drakes and bowie also was sold before to buy other items.

So in my opinion keeping your motivation at 100% and luck at max is a more important element than the supposed gains of praying.


Opened a steel lined box without praying once and got Al Swearengen's eagle belt.

I prayed twice opening steels and was briefly a believer. The first time I got Pat Garrett's jeans. The second time I got John Butterfield's wool belt. Belief revoked.


There must be something about christmas, on the statistics, one of the things is 'Gone to pray at Christmas.'

Jake McClintock

I would like a straight answer from the developers. What's with the secret aspects of play. It is absurd. There is way too much in this game that is completely unknown. For cying out loud just tell us if it does anything or not. If it does something, what does it do specifically. Why do we have to guess about everything in this game? This doesn't make it more fun or more interesting. The word that comes to mind is...... annoying.


Someone belive it does something good, some don't. Compare it to RL.


That's the whole point of the game to make it a mystery and let players choose for themselves what 'praying' actually does.

Jake McClintock

Yes, and its pointless and stupid. I don't play THE WEST for "mystery". Its a western themed game not a mystery themed game. If I want mystery I find another game for that.

That's the whole point of the game to make it a mystery and let players choose for themselves what 'praying' actually does.