poster quest

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by rickyson1, Sep 17, 2008.

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  1. :eek: that is a bit harsh :/ well hopefully next go round you do get something :/
  2. iKill

    iKill Guest

    life hates you :mad:
  3. Cpt. Marryat

    Cpt. Marryat Guest

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  4. iKill

    iKill Guest

    very much so xD
  5. fox2

    fox2 Guest

    ive got a spare one now :p Can you sell items to another person?
  6. Cpt. Marryat

    Cpt. Marryat Guest

    No, however once you join a Town you'll be able to sell it there.

    But if you want a hint... you need it anyway (for a quest later on). Guess having an extra one now will just save you the trouble later ;)
  7. Westy

    Westy Guest

    I got a poster after 30 minutes! :cool:
  8. Cpt. Marryat

    Cpt. Marryat Guest

    I'm finally stuck... 3 hours later and still no raven's feathers, but what's worse is I'm also out of energy too :(
  9. blestemat

    blestemat Guest

    i got 3 in 2 hours. you must be verry unlunky
  10. Benson Hedge

    Benson Hedge Guest

    Got them now, after 9,30h
  11. Westy

    Westy Guest

    Unlucky man, I guess this game is quite dependant on luck. Rather than TW which is more skill, makes a good change.
  12. kdeb

    kdeb Guest

    where can you get the raven's feather?
  13. Nuke911

    Nuke911 Guest

    Ricky if you have any questions just reach me on skype and i will answer them as i believe i am doing very good for my 1st time;)
  14. Cpt. Marryat

    Cpt. Marryat Guest

    However I'm doing slightly better (click my sig for more information) :p
  15. From scaring birds off in the field.

    If you can't find a place to get an item for a quest - look at the different work sites - they tell you what you can get from them.