poster quest


how do i do it???? the part where it says what to do is in german:confused:


Just find a poster location on the minimap and start handing out posters until you have 3. It will take a couple of hours.


I'm just doing 4 hours of Postering at the moment for Level 2 :S


The posters are long and boring, as are the newspapers i'm on.


I Reported Each Untranslated Bit and Showed ScreenShots,Dont Worry it will be fixed Soon


I think it's more effective to do it in 10 minute shifts as you have a 40% chance of getting one poster per.


I've been putting up posters for a total of 3hrs 40 mins now and haven't gotten a thing. I did a variety of lengths as follows:

1. 2 hrs
2. 10 mins
3. 30 mins
4. 1 hr

I just set up another 2 hr segment of it hoping i'll get like 10 to even things out. :p


You're trying to get rid of the entire stack and wont get any positive results until you're down to the last 3 and then the last 2 should be on the next 10 minute periods.

Something like that ... don't quote me... but you get the gist.

Theoritically you could do it for 3x1hours and then in the last 30 minutes put up all 3 of the last 3 posters.
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I put up poster for 2h and found 3 at once. Well call that luck if you want.


:/ well i set another hour, so we'll see if i get anything out of that ...